1 January 2014

LOAF Narrowly Escapes Being Toasted

This actually happened yesterday, but BLOGGER 'time stamps' the entries.

Welllll, this should be a very interesting New Years for us. The Olderlies that inhabit this RV Park have informed us that part of this New Year’s Festivities will take place in our yard ...  we were briefly included in the planning. The sites in these RV parks are designed for the Class A Motor Coaches or Park Models that need 50 feet +/- to get in. We don’t really have an RV ... it’s just a truck camper and it’s only about 23 feet long ... this means we have a lot of empty space in our spot for community activites, such as New Years celebrations. 

A firepit has been located approximately 20 feet from LOAF. Dry burnables (mostly highly sparkable cedar) have been stacked nearby and the designated firekeepers Bill and Gloria, have been into the martinis already.  I spent the day cleaning, washing and waxing LOAF ... automotive wax is highly flammable!

5:00 pm - Preparations are in full swing now. We are presently watching a slow but steady parade of partiers bringing tables, chairs, food, adult beverages and more burnables to the end of our driveway. LOAF seems nervous!

6:15 pm - I snuck out, when I thought, no one was looking and moved the portable firepit further away from LOAF and closer to the roadway. Bill & Gloria happened to bring additional burnables at the same time but thankfully the ‘early martini’ effect must have kicked in, because they didn’t notice what I’d been up to. LOAF noticed though!

RV Parks collect regulars that return each year. Most are here for up to 6 months and some are full-timers that live in park models. Only a few, like us, stay for a couple of days and then move on. But, this is a very tight-knit community. We spent a very nice evening with these folks, we stayed late but never saw midnight, as is our tradition.

... and thankfully, LOAF wasn't toasted!


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