2 January 2014

I Muskie a Reely Crappie Fisher Person Bassed on What I Cod

Where We Are NOW ... Rock Creek RV Resort, Naples, Florida

We spent harf the day on a Deep Sea Fishing Charter about 15 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Naples, Florida with Mike the Captain and Johnston the First Mate. These guys work hard ... stringing line, untangling line, baiting hooks, fish on, fish off, pumping the head and listening to fisher persons like us calling out 'need bait', 'fish on', 'caught on bottom'.

I'm really a bad fisher person. Our whole boat was quite bad, but I was probably the worst (well, me and the sea - sick girl who didn't fish at all were kinda tied). Helen caught 6 small fish, I caught 2 reeaaaalllly tiny fish (bait fish actually). A couple of other fisher persons landed a couple of under 20 inch groupers (not keepers), those were the best of the day. The whole morning was a write-off, fishing wise, but we witnessed some wonderful Dolphin acrobatics, the sun was out and the swells weren't too long.

There are some massive homes and boats 'round here. Land can run 4 to 5 million for a waterfront lot, homes get built for up to 100 million and the boats (the big ones) range between 5 and 10 million ... wuh! 

The mansion you're looking at in the above photo, stretched for about 700 feet (I estimate) around a prominent waterfront point. The photo doesn't do it justice, the gazebo on the left is probably 1000 sq feet. Those lanai's are larger than our home.

I've done some BLOGGER mods to the site. I think I've figured out how to add a map and a photo gallery to the sidebar. The ROUTE should reflect our most recent locations at all times and the photo GALLERY should contain our better pics once I finish all the editing.

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