18 January 2014

The Myakka River

Where We Are NOW ... Camp Venice Retreat, Venice, FL

From Wikipedia
The Myakka River is a river in southwestern Florida. It arises near the Hardee-Manatee county line and flows southwest and then southeast through Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte counties to Charlotte Harbor, an arm of the Gulf of Mexico. The river is 68 miles (109 km) long and has a drainage basin of 235 square miles (610 km2). The last twenty miles (32 km) of the river is tidal and brackish.
The Myakka River remains relatively undeveloped. A twelve-mile (19 km) stretch of the river is preserved in Myakka River State Park. A thirty-four-mile portion of the river in Sarasota County (including all of the park) was designated as aWild and Scenic River in 1985 by the Florida Legislature.
Not many photos today, just the drive and it was a short one. We investigated a couple of potential RV campgrounds for next year - there’s one in Ft. Myer’s Beach that looks promising, but only if you could get a beach front site, otherwise we don’t want to be there. From there ... grocery shopping and lunch, at camp by 2:30. 

We have a lovely waterfront site on the Myakka River.

The boats are ready to launch tomorrow ...

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