22 January 2014

Birds On Welfare

Where We Are ... Ft. De Soto CP, FL

A travel day. Got away late, we don’t have far to go so we plan on checking out some potential campgrounds for next year. We liked what we saw in Siesta Key and will probably try and include 1 - 2 weeks in our itinerary for that area. Other than that, the drive was uneventful ... groceries, lunch out and camp was set up by 4:00 pm.

Shortly after sitting down for dinner (while wearing my favourite fleece sweater, I might add Sue), an Egret and Great Blue Heron, a couple of the campground ‘Welfare Birds’ wandered by for a handout. I’ve now changed my philosophy about feeding ALL wildlife. I’m not even going to feed birds any longer. These guys don’t work for their food any more and they will slowly lose their desire to hunt. There is an obvious parallel with humans here. These two have lost a partial fear of humans and are slowly becoming domesticated ... not good. 


Once they realized they weren’t going to get any free handouts, they turned and walked away ... the Great Blue displaying it’s displeasure a bit more vigorously! 

Maybe they've gone off to fish for themselves, who knows? ... afterall they do look capable and healthy and they certainly have lots of time!

I wonder if humans would behave the same if we removed the incentive? Wouldn't that be nice.

Crusty ... reporting!

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