4 January 2014

Inside a Truck Camper On An ALL Day Rainy RAIN Day When it Rains ALL Day.

Truck Campers are really just like all of our houses, they're just a lot smaller. 

These AREN'T RV's ... we're not talking $500,000 Class A motor coaches. This is living in the back of a pick-up truck ... a little more space and convenience than a 4 season tent.

They are notoriously poor in storage space and the attention to construction quality and detail,  even from the better known manufacturers (Northern Lite, Bigfoot, Lance, Arctic Fox) is often lacking. I've made some minor modifications while we've travelled, but until I return home and get access to my shop and tools again I won't be able to complete other planned upgrades ... and, my list is long.

Most of us have these rooms in our homes. Where we are living ATM, they're just tinier and probably not as well detailed as youall have. Here, then, for your enjoyment is a TOUR of the inside of a few of the rooms in our Overland Expedition Vehicle.

The LIBRARY ... some novels,magazines, trip planning info & brochures, office briefcase

The THEATRE Room ... 13 " HDTV / DVD / CD ... & it swivels. We have dinette, bedroom and outdoor speakers. We are carrying a collection of approximately 100 cd's that cover all musical genres and are recorded from our 'At Home Music Archive.' Musical quality is good ... certainly better than listening to sound through your cell phone. 'At Home' we have a HI END  Audio & Video Theatre Room ... vintage audio gear, an extensive music collection and a room built for quality listening and viewing.

The PANTRY ... it's about 12 inches wide x 16 inches deep x 36 inches high. Our 'At Home' pantry is about 8 feet wide x 10 feet deep x 16 feet high (cathedral ceilings). We have enough food & supply at home to survive for several months if we had to. Here, we could last for a few days,, but our wine stores would last a few additional days.

The WINE CELLAR .... this one holds about a dozen bottles, a few more if you flip them over and store them with the corks wet. We don't have much of a cellar 'At Home' either, but it is an Ikea rack that holds 150 bottles (never full of course)

The GEAR CLOSET ... this is LOAF's back seat. 'At Home' we have TWO Large gear closets and additional outdoor storage for boats and other stuff. Our indoor storage there houses gear and clothing support for all our paddling, hiking, cycling, camping, SCUBA, snorkelling etc activities. The back seat of an F350 is  ... just ... inadequate!!!


  1. Oh Honey, I am so glad there are no pictures of me inside on a rainy day (of course I look the same as I do at home)! One other difference, it takes you ten minutes to clean here whereas at home it takes you all day!
    Love ya xxx

  2. Way more space than a canoe! Put the CDs on an iPod and get a Kindle and you'd probably have room to double your wine cellar. Just a thought.

  3. David - you are brilliant! Out with the books and music, more vino! Helen


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