15 January 2014

A Crash

We took advantage of the cool weather and got away early on the bikes. We rode most of the day and did not return until about 2:30. Most of the day was spent in the JN Ding Darling Reserve along Wildlife Drive ... lots of waterfowl photos. 

This scene repeats itself many times along the length of the Wildlife Drive.

Ivory and Ebony.

The American White Pelican breeds as far north as Great Slave Lake, NWT, CANADA and winters as far south as Florida, USA.

Red Mangrove ... the tree that walks!

Great Egret

Anhinga (female) ... notice how the female of the species has a much smaller skull size (and hence overall brain volume and probably, intelligence level)

Anhinga (male)

Bike Crash #2: Dann spots an Ahinga in a tree to his left, brakes and loses focus on what’s happening behind him ... I know, it’s odd, but when you get ‘old’, BIRDING becomes very important ... go figger! Helen, in the meantime, travelling 4 to 5 feet behind realizes too late what has just happened and plows into the back of Dann’s bike. Dann is at fault for braking prematurely and without looking and Helen at fault for following to close. 

The Outcome - Helen bleeds profusely from the knee and opens up her older, Key West Bike Crash #1 wounds. Dann does NOT get the shot of the Anhinga he had wanted because his camera malfunctions (or, so he says) and is also, NOT in as much trouble as he originally expected to be. All for a friggin’ Anhinga, that are as common in Florida as Robins are in Ontario. 

Nice Hoodie though, dontja think?

MORE to come ... I'm sure!

                                                                              Crusty .... REPORTING!

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