22 January 2014

40 Things To Do In A Truck Camper On An ALL Day Windy WIND Day

1.   Get up.
2.   Turn furnace on.
3.   Make coffee.
4.   Drink coffee.
5.   Check Email.
6.   Check Facebook.
7.   Think about getting dressed.
8.   Think about braving the outdoors to go for a shower.
9.   Put on gloves, scarf, toque, jacket, thick wool socks.
10. Walk to shower.

11. Drain all the hot water from the campground’s 238 campsites.
12. Think about getting dressed.
13. Get dressed.
14. Repeat step 9.
15. Walk back to camper.
16. Try and come up with new and innovate ways to bug Dann.
17. Send my father an email to ask for advice and new ways to bug Dann.
18. Succeed in step 16.
19. Cook eggs and grits for breakfast.
20. Watch Dann wash dishes.
21. Decide to be “Canadian” and brave the great outdoors.
22. Repeat step 9.
23. Do a quick jog to the recycling bin, around the campground and back into the camper.
24. Bug Dann again.
25. Check Email/Facebook.
26. Eat lunch at 10a.m.
27. Grab camera.
28. Repeat step 9.
29. Head to shore to take pictures of the 1,000 ducks huddled together trying to stay warm.

30. Quick dash back to camper.
31. Come to the conclusion that living in a confined space results in focusing on the little things.
32. Clip toenails.
33. Floss teeth (ooops…..wrong order)!
34. Take picture of fruit bowl.

35. Peel stickers off fruit.
36. Repeat step 34.

37. Think about having dinner at 11:30 a.m. but decide that is pushing it.
38. Think about having wine at 11:30 a.m., hesitate and then decide that is REALLY pushing it.
39. Write blog.
40. Think it’s time for a nap!

Reporting live - Helen (aka Wry)


  1. Just a few corrections and clarifications to your list.

    #'s 1 - 3 : I did all those, not you. You lounged in bed while I fired up our house.
    #'s 16, 17, 24 : You exhausted any alternative methods years ago ... don't want to know what else you have planned!
    #32 : And, leave them all over the floor and dinette couch for me to vacuum up later.
    #39 : And, you did so early, @ 2:00 pm. It's now 5:00 and I am just now having my first vino blanco.

  2. Hey, if you guys didn't get up so early in the morning you wouldn't have these problems! The cottage sounds like more fun even at 20 below and the shower is indoors. Karen


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