30 December 2013

A Lunch for Bonny

My First Post on the LOAFing Around blog has now been moved to my other blog About LOAF .... see right hand sidebar.

This then, is my Second Post ...

We were on the bikes for close to 30 kms today wandering around the historic part of Naples and the piers and wharf area. Even though the city is busy, it's still fairly 'bike friendly'. This is the beginning of the season, tourists are arriving from all over North America and there are times when you hear dialects and dialogues that are from other continents. There is a nice active beach area - volleyball, fishing, paddle sports, swimming, walking. Many restaurants and trendy shops for clothing and perfume. We didn't shop, but we did eat .....

Had a nice lunch at Sea Salts. I took some photos for Bonny Junkins. Here ya go Bonny! ...

TAKE THIS! ...............   grilled Grouper sandwich with Jalapeno corn relish and homemade potatoe chips

... and THIS! ... stacked Tuna salad with arugula, tomatoes and capers

AAAAAnnnnnnddddd ..... THIS! ... HANDmade chocolats .... WOWSI!

Your MOVE ;)

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