30 January 2014


Where We Are Now ... Ft. Clinch Amelia River Campground, Amelia Island, Florida

Listening to a 'Cowboy Junkies - Neil Young - Burton Cummings - Daniel Lanois' mix on the cd player ... still cool here, campground is quiet and nearly empty, it's dusk @ 5:37, a pleasant California Chardonnay in a tumbler, within reaching distance to my right.


Today is Day 54 of this trip and we have at least 4 more nights on the road before we return to Canada. Weather permitting we will have a smooth trip home without any layover days. 

We've driven 6407 kms, had extended stays at 11 different locations and a number of single night accommodations as we've travelled. We've done a lot of cycling and some paddling, a few beach walks and some shelling, had some great meals and a few not so great. Added 3 new wildlife sightings to our life list ... and had close encounters with alligators and egrets. The weather has been mostly favourable - only 3 days that I can recall when we were 'camper bound' due to heavy rain or extremely windy conditions. 

We worked some of the 'kinks' out of our new truck camper setup and we now have a list and a plan for upgrades and modifications. We also have a strategy for dealing with the possibility of another clogged campground sewer line (see the Shit Happened post). 

We have come to the conclusion that travelling in Florida in an RV, of any kind, is not economically sensible, but we suspected that anyway. You can rent a nice condo on the beach for less than it cost us in accommodation and fuel / day. This mode of travel is suitable in the 'North', where there are few hotels and this style of vehicle allows travel to locations that any other RV would never get into.

So, this adventure was a success. We'll do a winterizing service on LOAF in Brunswick, Georgia tomorrow. From there we head north. LOAF gets parked, emptied and rested. In a month, we're off to Cozumel, Mexico to meet up with our good diving buddies Heather & Randy Smith for a couple of weeks of swimming with the fishes at 100' bsl ... there may be vino blancos involved!

We won't be LOAFing Around again, until our Green River, Utah canoe trip - we'll be gone between April and probably late June. 

Follow us then!

Crusty ... reporting!

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