18 September 2015

Traveling With Raisins - Part II

In November 2014 we did a wonderful (but frustrating) trip with 'The Raisins'. 

For those of you who missed our first post on the joys of traveling with Raisins, the term 'Raisins' is a term of endearment for people of a 'certain age'. In this case it refers to my wonderful father & his bride (a.k.a. my evil or wicked step-mother - whom, by the way I love dearly). Again, I must stress this is a term that they introduced me to. If you missed Part I, please feel free to read it here. (or for those that did - please feel free to refresh your memory and re-read it) - I think this is important to truly understand the real frustration of traveling with 'the Raisins'. 
The Raisins' View From Their Hotel Room

We have been traveling around Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland and now into Nova Scotia - nice quiet, peaceful travel - just Crusty & I in LOAF. The Raisins decided that they too would travel East (since female Raisin is from Nova Scotia) and perhaps we could connect somewhere en route. Sounds like a great plan. So .... they are in an unnamed town, in an unnamed hotel, where they have an amazing view of the harbour, the ships coming in, the sunsets .... you get the picture. "Come and join us, they said" ..... "book a room at this hotel - it will give you a great break from camping, they said" .....  "book a room on the 7th floor you'll get a harbour view, they said".

Great plan, haven't been able to take a shower with my shoes off for 5 weeks, haven't been able to walk around a bed and get up from the side (instead of climbing out), haven't watched TV - OK - you get the picture. Quickly search the Internet and find the best rate.

The Raisins' Room

Fast forward - meet in the hotel - our room, nope not 7th floor but 3rd floor. OK, we can live with that, how much time can you actually spend in your room anyway.  The Raisins meet us and check out our room.  Female Raisin checks the cupboards, says "what no fridge?".  Oh well, no problem, we have a little cooler with ice for our water and wine. Of course we find out that they have a fridge (and a Microwave - which of course, we don't have).  The Raisins look out our window - "oh too bad, you don't have a harbour view, come to our room at 7:30 in the morning and you can watch the ships come in".  Ya right!

Fast forward - dinner. We discuss meeting at a certain time the next morning. I mention we don't have a clock in our room, response "really?  we do".  Crusty & I grit our teeth and nod our heads, all the while thinking "of course they do".  We have a quick drink in their room and realize that they have a fridge, microwave, clock, two arm chairs, desk and two queen size beds. Oh how we wish that was our room.

We were "almost" comfortable in this bed
Night one - our luxury vacation in a real hotel, with real beds and a real bathroom. Crusty - "What the heck is that noise?"  It is a loud roar, we get up, look out and guess where we're located?  Look out our window and we are looking down at a roof that houses ALL of the mechanical equipment for the WHOLE hotel.  We end up pushing and shoving each other all night, since our two 'queen sized' beds turn out to be doubles.

The View From Our Room
OK - ear plugs in, fast forward again, 5:00 am, "what is that smell?".  Lie in bed, sniff, listen - guess what - not only are we located over the mechanical equipment for the hotel, we are over the kitchen. They are baking at 5 AM - I suspect blueberry muffins based on the aroma.  So night 1, yields less sleep than we've had since leaving home.

Next day - spent a lovely day with "the Raisins". Night 2, a wee bit quieter. Wake in morning, go to put coffee on, guess what - they didn't re-supply our coffee!!!!  Of course when we meet the Raisins for breakfast, they had lots of coffee in their rooms.  During our discussion we find out that "The Raisins" are paying $20 a night less for their room. GROAN.

Moral of the story - Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances travel with "The Raisins" since they ALWAYS get the best room at a much cheaper price.  BUT, I guess when you are lucky enough to be a Raisin, you deserve it!.

                                                                                    ....... WRY Reporting

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