20 September 2015

Lighthouse Route & The Evangeline Trail: Peggy's Cove to Grand Pre

The Lighthouse Route and Evangeline Trail 

In a loop, south west from Halifax to Yarmouth, Digby and on to Wolfville and ending at Halifax ... follows Nova Scotia’s South Shore, where the past is a part of everyday life. You’ll find it along quiet country roads, where ox teams still haul lumber, and in coastal villages where fishermen still row wooden dories out to sea.  Explore towns like Liverpool and Lunenburg while taking in majestic coastal scenery, featuring 20 lighthouses - from the dramatic beauty of the Peggy's Cove lighthouse to Yarmouth's towering Cape Forchu lighthouse to the harbour fishery in Digby and on to the vinyards of the Annapolis Valley.  

Walking ...

Walking ...

Explore Lunenburg – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a National Historic District, winner of the Communities in Bloom most beautiful small town in Canada, Prettiest Painted Places in Canada, Port City of the Year and Society of American Travel Writers’ awards. Picturesque Lunenburg lies nestled along the scenic shores of southern Nova Scotia one hour from Halifax.

It's in the details   

Sailors Memorial

Coastal Hiking ...                      

A rare refuge for old growth forests and the species that depend upon them; at the core of the second largest biosphere reserve in Canada; the keeper of stories and memories of the Mi’kmaq People who have traveled and lived in the area for thousands of years; a rock-girded seashore of world-renowned beauty.

Harbour Seals

Ocean, sand and rock; smells, colours and textures ...

Old fellow was snoozin', but he did wake up before we left ...

Sanford, Nova Scotia ... down at the harbour.

Walking ...
Cape Forchu Lightstation is the Beacon to Canada. The Cape has been welcoming visitors since 1604, when Samuel de Champlain landed and named the area “Cap Forchu,” meaning forked tongue of land. The Cape Forchu light, also commonly known as the Yarmouth Light, was constructed in 1839. The light stands 38.4 metres [126 feet] above sea level and 27.7 metres [91 feet] above ground. 

Helen Earl Muriel

Walking ...

A nice place to spend a few hours. A site that features homes and trades buildings that would have existed in an Acadian Village 350 years ago. Housewives, a blacksmith, boat-builder and a fisherman are all present to relate an authentic lifestyle of the past.
Le Village historique acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse is located in Lower West Pubnico, Nova Scotia, on a breathtaking 17-acre point of land overlooking picturesque Pubnico Harbour, and represents the unique Acadian culture of Nova Scotia. Le Village’s mission of providing a greater understanding and appreciation of the Acadian culture, traditions, language and way of life is fulfilled by allowing visitors to take a step back in time and experience traditional Acadian culture and the lifestyle of bygone days. Visitors learn and enjoy history as it unfolds before them through animators in period costumes who re-enact many aspects of the Acadian life of yesteryear, leaving our visitors with a deep appreciation of the history and lifestyle of the Acadians of Nova Scotia.

Le Village demonstrates many aspects of the life of the Acadian fishermen, including the building of boats, lobster-fishing traps, mending fishing nets and much more. Interestingly, upon their return from exile, our ancestors resettled on lands less than ideal for farming, and were compelled to turn to the sea for their livelihood.

The boat building shop has produced six Dorys.

Wine Touring ...
The village of Bear River is known for the many buildings built on stilts. A minor vinyard tour. We visited the Bear River and Annapolis Highland Vinyards and bought some pleasant wines. Helen celebrated a birthday, can't say which one.

Domaine de Grand Pre and their award winning restaurant Le Caveau; named one of the 20 best winery restaurants in the world in 2012 by Wine Access Magazine.

Walking ...
Once the epicentre of Acadian culture and now their most significant memorial.

Crusty ... celebrating!

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