6 September 2015

If You Are A Newfie You Should Be Proud!

We'll soon be leaving Newfoundland & Labrador. 

But, before we do, here is some helpful travel information for anyone that might be planning a trip to this Province. Most of this is gathered from official Canadian government records, local myth & legend and tourist brochures. I haven't bothered to verify any of this, but I also haven't made anything up.

Isle aux Morts
A typical village scene in this beautiful province.

The province was first to respond to Titanic's distress signal, the first to vaccinate for smallpox, the first to host a transatlantic flight, the first to have wireless communication in The WORLD and the first place in The WORLD to discover proof of the theory of continental drift.

Has... the oldest street in North America (Duckworth Street), the oldest city in North America (St. John's), the oldest rock in The WORLD, the oldest continuous sporting event (Regatta Day!), the largest university in Atlantic Canada, the most pubs per square foot in Canada (George Street), the longest running radio program in North America, caught the WORLD'S LARGEST invertebrate (a giant squid).

Of Interest
Has the funniest people in Canada (ask anybody ... I agree), the sexiest people in Canada (Macleans magazine survey ... hmm!), the only province that has four identifiable flags (Newfoundland Province, Labrador Province, Dominion of Newfoundland, Canada), Newfoundland was a sovereign nation between the years 1931 and 1934, the only province able to land the space shuttle (Stephenville), the most giving people in Canada (Stats Canada), the most sexually active people in all of Canada (self-annointed?)

Inventions & Name Dropping
A Newfoundlander ... built the WORLD'S FIRST artificial ice arena, invented the gas mask (Cluny Macpherson), was once govenor of Northern Rhodesia, was with Abraham Lincoln at Gettysberg.

Provincial Icons
The only province to have its own ... encyclopedia dictionary, pony (the Newfoundland pony), dogs (the Newfoundland (we had a Newfie dog) & Labrador dogs), cultural publication.

My Personal Observations
Quite possibly, the worst roads in all of Canada!
They have probably exaggerated the number of Moose that are here.
Definitely, the highest concentration of blackflies in The WORLD.
And, some of the friendliest and nicest people we've ever met.

Crusty ... these are the facts, as I see'um, My Son!

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  1. I have to add - some of the nicest people in the world!


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