29 June 2015

BLOG Layout

A number of text files that I had created to improve navigation in this Blog Layout have disappeared. Those files were located on the left and right sidebars. Apparently, text gadgets, unlike other types of gadgets are NOT automatically backed-up by the BLOGGER application ... something I just found out.

The only solution presently, is to recreate all those text files as new gadgets and this will take some time. I apologize to anyone following the blog. Anyone who is using BLOGGER, take note and create your own backups of text documents in case you need to restore ... I know I will be!

UPDATE 1: The problem has now been reported through a blogger community forum and I understand has been escalated to a development team. Hopefully a solution can be found.

UPDATE 2: Text gadgets can be created once again. However, I was unable to recover any of mine. I have recreated them all, saved them as Word files in case the problem re-occurs and restored the original Blog Layout. Big, thanks to the blogger techs!

Crusty ... feeling better now

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