18 June 2015

New Facebook Group - Canadian Truck Camper Owners

We love to travel in our truck camper, to share our travels, experiences and ideas with others. 

We have joined various truck camper associations/groups/meetings and thoroughly enjoy being part of the discussions. However, we feel the need for a group with a more Canadian perspective on travelling in a truck camper/RV.

Did you know that Canada is the second largest country in the world (2nd only to Russia), yet has a population of just under 36 million (less than the population of California at 38.8 million). Therefore, owning and travelling in a truck camper is very different than elsewhere. 75% of our population live within 161 KM (100 miles) of the Canada/US border, leaving vast areas of under-populated wilderness to explore. These facts alone change the way we live and travel in our truck campers.
After searching the net for discussion groups of fellow Canadian truck camper/RV owners, we realized that there was a void in this area.  We decided that we would start with a Facebook group, invite a few of our friends to see if we could garner any interest and "Canadian Truck Camper Owners Group" was created.

The goal of this group is to exchange ideas, tips, modifications, experiences, photos, tales (even TALL ones) and perhaps make a few new friends. With our discussions and photos, we hope to be able to encourage others to explore by any means (truck camper, RV, car, bike, canoe or on foot) this beautiful land we call Canada.

Everyone is welcome to join - Canadians/non-Canadians, TC/RV owner or not, as long as you are interested in adventure travel (primarily but not restricted to travels in Canada).  So please join and share your adventures!

Here is the link to the group.

                                                                                                       ....WRY Reporting

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