26 June 2015

BASECAMP 06.26.15 ... " Pre-trip Trans-Labrador Highway "

WE'RE going for a drive to ...

We've completed some service and upgrades on the truck and camper. Helen's preparing the food supplies and packing while I'm assembling any gear we'll be taking with us this trip. We have a few responsibilities to attend to, but I expect we'll get away within the next 10 to 14 days. 

We'll be travelling from home to Baie Comeau, PQ to begin a Circle Tour via the Trans-Labrador Highway, we'll head north to Labrador City, then east to Goose Bay, down to Blanc Sablon via Cartwright, take a ferry to Newfoundland, do some touring around, ferry to Nova Scotia, then through to New Brunswick. We may dip down into the USA before returning home and depending on time. Probably be gone for a couple of months or so. 

We'll be hiking, cycling, fly-fishing and enjoying the local culture and cuisine as often as we can. We'll be travelling with a mobile hotspot, but we won't have internet coverage in remote areas. However, we'll also have a Delorme InReach onboard that provides 2-way emergency communication and lets us update our location through Facebook.

Crusty ... preparing


  1. Enjoy the trip! We'd love to get down that way, but it's so far from home!

  2. Thanks David. We had really hoped to get north again this year, but 'awholebunchofstuff' got in our way and we just couldn't commit. Like yourselves, for us, heading North is a commitment and we want to spend at least 3 to 4 months if we make the trip. Hopefully next year, and hopefully we can re-connect with you and Cyd for some hiking or paddling. ...... Take Care!


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