26 July 2015

BASECAMP 07.26.15 ... " From SEA to SEA to SEA "

... and all those places in between, we shamelessly promote travel and adventure in CANADA!

The Gate, South Nahanni River, NT

We are still at BASECAMP, prepping for our Trans Labrador Highway truck camping adventure, which has been delayed by 5-6 weeks due to some long awaited appointments. Hoping for a mid August departure which will mean cooler temperatures, fewer people on the road and most importantly "less bugs"!

As we dig through maps and plan routes there and back, something has happened that will impact our decision on which route to take. Our beloved "loonie" (aka Canadian Dollar) has hit a 10-year low. It was only 18 or so months ago we were at par or above the US dollar (should have bought US dollars then). Reality hits - if we decide to zip into the Eastern US states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York) on our return trip home, it will cost us almost 30% more ... YIKES!

While the falling loonie will make travelling in the US more expensive for Canadians, it means that travel in Canada is officially a bargain for international travelers. As of today, if you are American you will receive $1.26 for every US dollar you exchange, European - $1.37 per Euro and British citizens will get a whopping $1.95 for every pound exchanged.

Perhaps now is the perfect time to take that long awaited vacation to the second largest country in the world. There is so much to see, from our vast stretches of wilderness, to our quaint fishing villages, to our lakes, rivers, oceans and mountains, to our historic and cosmopolitan cities. We have thousands of kilometers of roads to explore. Not only driving trips - some consider Canada to be the premier destination in the world for adventure travel ... hiking, backpacking, paddling, climbing ... we have a disproportionate percentage of the world's wilderness and it's still pristine.

Virginia Falls, NT

Here are a few links to get you started with options for both driving trips and more adventurous and active pursuits.

We've visited every province and territory in this vast country multiple times.
If you have questions or want additional information, send us a message. 
We'd be pleased to help out.

Some of our favourite photos follow, but our website does feature a large number of photographic galleries for all of our trips. Go to Trip Index on the horizontal menu bar, move to any of the clickable trip numbers and open a gallery ... enjoy!

                                                                                         Fraser River Valley, BC            

Yukon River, near Dawson City, YT                                                                       East Coast Trail, NL

                                               St. John's Harbour, NL

Newfoundland & Labrador                                                                               Wabakimi PP, ON

Emerald Lake, YT                                       Wood Buffalo National Park, AB / NT

So head to your closest bank, grab some Canadian loonies, jump in your camper, RV, car, hop on a bike, bus or a plane and come for a visit.  You won't be sorry.  

We have had many wonderful experiences travelling our Nation and we're convinced you will too.

Wry and Crusty ... Welcome to CANADA!

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