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' Overlanding is vehicle dependent travel, that’s it.
If you go much deeper than this, you start creating classes and arguing about whether you are an “overlander” or not. Guess what? You are. '
Overland Bound

' Overlanding is about exploration, rather than conquering obstacles. While the roads and trails we travel might be rough or technically challenging, they are the means to an end, not the goal itself. The goal is to see and learn about our world, whether on a weekend trip 100 miles from home or a 10,000-mile expedition across another continent. The vehicle and equipment can be simple or extravagant - they, too, are simply means to an end. History, wildlife, culture, scenery, self-sufficiency - these are the rewards of overlanding. '
Overland Journal



A Photographic Journal of Our Road Trips


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The covid pandemic limited our LOAFin Around travel to Ontario from 2020 to 2022


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1971 - 2002
Posts for this time period have been compiled from our hard-copy trip reports. They were initially, created and saved in 'scrapbook' form, then printed and stored in 3-ring binders as our KANOE TRIPPING Journal.

Photography from trips completed in 2002 are a mix of analogue and digital. (Prior to June 1, 2002 all photography is analogue). Once a trip is fully compiled and included here, the content is copied from this page and a 'mock' post is created with any appropriate labels. The post is then published and becomes available for viewing in the left sidebar archive. 

2002 - October 4, 2013
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2017: NEW ZEALAND - South Island (scroll through gallery to South Island)



The remainder of this page repeats the same routes listed above but in more detail. 

It can be read as a continuous scroll from our LATEST road trip that begins below, to the end of the page at our FIRST road trip in 1988. 

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LATEST Trip ... Begin Here

2019: Maritime Provinces 

Trip 149  

H E A D I N G    E A S T

Ontario: Mostly just driving - lunch with Earl and Muriel in Brockville, then to Saint-Hyacinthe Quebec for the night, traffic very heavy around Brossard, to Saint-Basile New Brunswick night two, to Moncton night three ... EX to VG highways all the way but no rest-stops for more than 400 kms. Day 4 was quite slow; we took advantage of rainy weather and visited 2 Canadian NH Sites and a UNESCO site. Hunkered down in Advocate Harbour  for the night. Next, a couple of nights moochdocking and some local touring with friends Paula and Gerry in Greenwood Nova Scotia. Then, possibly the prettiest car-camping view we've ever had at Harbour Light Campground in Pictou NS. Passed Marble Mountain pull-out today, what a spectacular boondocking site; we're in Braddeck. We toured NHS Alexander Graham Bell and then to Cape Breton NP. We'll spend 3 nights at Broad Cove CG and do some hiking, weather should co-operate. Next, a night at Meat Cove, the northern tip of Cape Breton Island and another 'End of the Road' spot. 

Probably LOAF's best view yet for an overnight-er. Cyclone weather conditions moved in early morning, jacks down, a window leak from driving rain, brutal wind. 

From here we headed to the southeast end of the national park at Petit Etang. We'll spend 3 nights here and hike some more trails. A stop at the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre in Judique for live music and lunch and then an overnight-er with friends Christa & Stefan at the Hiclass CG in Havre Boucher. To Amherst Shore PP, possibly our best campground site on the trip so far, then Crapau Prince Edward Island and a visit with Bob, then Saint-Edouard-de-Kent back in New Brunswick. The return trip over the Confederation bridge was quite gusty at times. We were in Kouchibouguac NP a couple of years ago, spent 9 fabulous days exploring one of the east coasts's nicest national parks. This trip we'll spend 4 nights and try and hike the remainder of the only trail we haven't been on and also complete more of the cycling routes. Our plan had been to head north from here and travel the Gaspe Peninsula. Hurricane Dorian is moving northwards up the eastern seaboard and is currently over the Carolina's in the US. It's expected to arrive in Maritime Canada in the next day. Predictions are that our current location is near the 'eye of the storm'. Change of plans ... we got out of town and headed inland and west, we're in Edmunston NB, should be safe. Next day, a short drive on hwy 132 to St Jean Port Joli Quebec; again just for a night. We drove hwy 132 all the way to Trois Riviere and then crossed the St. Lawrence. What a pleasant, scenic road to drive. We're now in St. Mauricie NP for 3 nights at least, more hiking. Moved from the east to west side of the park, we're now at Saint-Mathieu-Du-Parc, where we hope to access a few more hiking trails before leaving the area. Next, eastman Quebec, then a wonderful stop at Abbey Saint-Benoit-du-Lac for cheeses and onto our last night in Quebec at Hemmingford. Ontario: Moochdocking in Monkland, then time along the Long Sault Parkway for a couple of nights; what a beautiful part of this province. This time of the year there aren't many campers but I'm certain this would be quiet a busy spot at high season. Then BASECAMP!

Calendar Period: August 15 - September 19
Trip(s) Total Duration: 5 weeks 1 day (36 days)

Adventure Vehicle: LOAF
Longest Driving Day: 504.3 kms
TOTAL Distance Driven5803.9 kms

LOAF - What Broke/Needed Repair(3) New fresh water camper hose, window leak cabover passenger side, passenger side cabover blind broke.
Time Zones: (2) EST AT
Provinces Visited: (5) ON QC NB NS PE
Provincial Parks Visited: (2) Amherst Shore NS, de la Republique NB
National Parks Visited: (3) Cape Breton NS, Kouchibouguac NB, La Mauricie QC
National Historical Sites Visited(7) NB: Monument Lefebvre, Fort Beausejour - Fort Cumberland, Fort Gasparaux NS: Fort Edwards, St. Peters Canal, Alexander Graham Bell ON: Fort Wellington
UNESCO Sites Visited: (1) Joggins Fossil Cliffs NS
Significant Events: Our 45th Wedding Anniversary, Helen's 65th birthday
Extremes and Superlatives: Oldest blockhouse in Canada @ Fort Edwards NS, longest bridge over ice-covered water @ NS/PE
Published Blog Posts: (3) For all posts click Trip 149


2018 Up North: TEAM Four Degrees 

Trip 145  

A Canoe Trip and an Overland Drive

We left our new home in Wellington on June 25th and traveled a few hundred kms to Haliburton in the Algonquin Highlands. We'll moochdock for one night with friends Katherine and Boyd; they're part of Team Four Degrees. From there we'll head west through Ontario for a couple of days. Manitoba welcomed us with some heavy but brief thunderstorms and some poor but not brief highway pavement ... most of the way from the Ontario boundary to Portage la Prairie. BIG headwind in Saskatchewan (as usual); LOAF lived up to his namesake today ... drove like a loaf of bread. We're on the Yellowhead highway now ... OFL in Loydminster, all OK! A sense of 'travelling northward' seems to happen at Mile/Km 0 of the ALCAN at Dawson Creek BC. Two nights at Toad River Lodge BC; one of the best stops along the ALCAN; we'll washup, do some maintenance, relax, catch up with website stuff and campfire cook. Down the road a short distance to Liard Hot Springs, a must stop and this time ' NO BUGS!'. Moochdocking in Whitehorse at good friends, Chris and Rick ... some chores and stuff to do. Into Dawson City for a couple of days ... parts of the Klondike Highway were rough, frost-heaved and broken asphalt sections maybe 100 kms south of Dempster’s Corners. Back to Whitehorse ... we'll wait for all members of Team Four Degrees here. Sidetrip to Carcross. Put-in to Teslin River on July 26 ... see you in 12 days. Good river trip. Back in Whitehorse ... rest, cleanup, repair, shop, re-pack. Overland drive on the Dempster Highway and the new Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Road went well, very rainy and a rough, mucky road in places. More time in Dawson and a return south to Whitehorse to escape the constant rain. On to Kluane NP for a couple of days, then to Burwash Landing and a return to Whitehorse for LOAF service and re-supply for the trip home. T&P and B&DM fly out a day or two after we leave. 

The 14 day trip home from Whitehorse ... rain and fog in the Yukon (YT) @ Watson Lake ... smoke, fog, light snow in British Columbia (BC) @ Liard Hotsprings, Toad River, Ft. Nelson, Dawson Creek ... fog and wind in Alberta (AB) @ Whitecourt, Lloydminster ... fierce headwind in Saskatchewan (SA) @ Foam Lake ... more headwind in Manitoba (MB) @ Portage la Prairie ... clear, sunny skies in Ontario (ON) @ Dryden, Nipigon, Wawa, Spanish, Lindsay and HOME!

Calendar Period(s): June 25 - September 14
Trip(s) Total Duration: 11 weeks 5 day(s) (82 days)

Adventure Vehicle: LOAF
Longest Driving Day: 568.5 kms
Distance Driven (unadjusted): 19125 kms
*Additional Distance Driven (tire upgrade): odometer distance driven/average speed of 90 kms/hr * tire upgrade of 3 kms/hr = 19125-18949/90*3 = 6 kms
TOTAL Distance Driven: 19131 kms

BEST Fuel Economy: 20.7 kms (12.9 miles) per gallon - Whitehorse > Dawson City YT
WORST Fuel Economy: 14.5 kms (9.0 miles) per gallon - Saskatchewan headwind
LOAF - What Broke/Needed Repair: (5) New truck battery, fw pump vapour lock purged, seized brake caliper, broken PIAA light mount, broken cabover strut mount
Time Zones: (4) EST CST MTZ PST
Provinces Visited: (5) Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia
Territories Visited: (2) Yukon, North West Territories
Provincial Parks Visited: (2)White Lake ON, Liard Hot Springs BC
Territorial Parks Visited: (4) (YT) Twin Lakes, Engineers Cr, Rock R, (NT) Happy Valley
National Parks Visited: (1) Kluane YT
National Historical Sites Visited(7) Dawson Historical Complex YT, S.S Keno YT, Former Territorial Courthouse YT, S.S. Klondike II Whitehorse YT,  Tr'ochëk, Yukon Hotel, St. Paul's Anglican Church
Significant Events: Our 44th Wedding Anniversary
Extremes and Superlatives: Canada's Top Restroom 2016 in Whitecourt AB, Sourtoe Cocktail Dawson City YT, drove to Tuktoyatuk NT
Published Blog Posts: (9) For all posts click Trip 145


2017 Ontario, New Brunswick, PEI 

Trip 142  

A Compilation of Four Road Trips and a Rally


Note: We are unable to commit to longer trips for much of the Spring through Autumn of this season. Consequently, Trip 142 will be logged in our journal and on this website as a compilation of several ' short ' adventures, of varying duration's, to different regions of Ontario, New Brunswick and P.E.I and over a period of several months. 

Including :

PART 1 - Circumnavigating Georgian Bay and a visit to Killarney Provincial Park
PART 2 - Algonquin Provincial Park ... the FIRST in CANADA
PART 3 - Heading East to New Brunswick and P.E.I.
PART 4 - CTCO Rally (Canadian Truck Camper Owners) Merrickville ON
PART 5 - Haliburton and Daves Cabin

We weren't gone for as long as planned and we didn't get to stay in many of the places we had wanted to. It rained most days, quite heavy at times and the west shoreline of Georgian Bay was quite chilly for this time of year; overnight lows got down to 4 C. On the plus side, we walked quiet trails and rarely saw any other hikers. We learned after returning home, that nearby Lake Ontario was almost 1 metre higher than the monthly average. We also learned that rainfall for the months of April and May set all-time historical records ... and as I write this ... it continues to rain, quite heavily now!

Into Algonquin ... the oldtimers said the bugs were the worst they had ever seen. Good times with Michelle and Al posing for canoeing photos and sharing a fantastic meal at Killarney lodge. More good times camping and hiking with Darlene and Mark ... spotted five moose, 2 bald eagles.

After several delays, that totaled about 3 weeks, we left on a longer road trip from home towards The Maritime Provinces ... pretty much rained most of week one. That's OK! because they certainly needed it on the east coast. We started this trip in a part of NB we'd never visited before, along the western border with Maine, USA and then east along the Bay of Fundy as far as St. John. From here on the trip around Fundy is a repeat for us, but certainly worth it! We crossed over into PEI on Confederation Bridge and from there to PEI National Park where we spent several days then headed to the Northern Peninsula and a return to New Brunswick. There we had about 2 weeks of glorious weather in and around Kouchibouguac NP. From there we followed the Acadian Coastal Route to it's terminus and crossed over onto Quebec at Campbelford. Headed mostly southwest towards home.

A short drive from home to historic Merrickville, on the Rideau Canal, for the FIRST Canadian Truck Camper Owners rally.

Moochdocking near the Haliburton Forest and a couple of spots in The Valley. Significant rain moved into Algonquin PP; we cancelled our hiking plans and headed home. Only a couple of photos.

Adventure Vehicle: LOAF
Calendar Period(s): May 15 - 26, June 7 - 12, August 13 - September 21, September 29 - October 02, October 10 - 13
Trip(s) Total Duration: 9 weeks 0 day(s) (63 days)
Distance(s) Driven:  2018 + 1004 + 4671 + 320 + 1000 = 9013 kms
Posts Published: (11) Read POSTS BY DATE 2017 May 22 - October 02
Activities: Cultural, Hiking, Canoeing, Tide Pooling, Cycling
Reference MapTravel Map 2017 
Provinces Visited: (4) Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Provincial Parks Visited: (9) ON: Sibbald Point, Killarney, Algonquin, Oxtongue River/Ragged Falls NB: Herring Cove, The Anchorage, New River Beach PE: Jacques Cartier, Linkletter
National Parks Visited: (4) Bruce Peninsula ON, Fundy NB, Prince Edward Island PE, Kouchibouguac NB
National Historical Sites Visited: (7) ONPeterborough Lift Locks, Algonquin PP, Merrickville Blockhouse NB: The Blockhouse in St. Andrews, Ft. Beausajour - Ft. Cumberland PE: Port-la-Joye - Fort Amherst, Dalvay-By-The-Sea
National Historic Monuments Visited: PE: Cape Travers Iceboat
Significant Events: 100 Year Rainfall Records for April and May in Ontario, Our 43rd Wedding Anniversary, Helens' 63rd Birthday, 1st CTCO Rally

2017 NEW ZEALAND - South Island

Trip 141 (part)  

A Part Of ... 2016/2017: LOAFin Around the World - Part 1

We travelled the South Island of NZ in a camper van. This 3 week road trip was part of a much longer adventure. 

This map is a print screen from 2016/2017: LOAFin Around The World ... Part 1
Scroll through the photography gallery to reach the section for South Island.
Refer to Trip 141 on the Kanoe Tripping Page for the complete report.


2016 North Again: Focus BC YT AK
Trip 140

The Boots, Bikes, Boats & Buddies Tour

This is our first adventure following the sale of our Kanoe Lane Property. It took us nearly a month to drive from home to Whitehorse. We drove slow, spent time with friends in Saskatchewan, camped at a couple of National Parks, detoured to Red Deer for a factory tour at LITE Industries (Builders of Expedition Vehicles) and enjoyed several multiple day layovers at a few of our favourite places. North to Whitehorse and a couple of more layover days at friends to resupply and complete some service on the Ford, then into Alaska and as far south as the tip of the Kenai Peninsula. Drove to Anchor Point, the most westerly highway location in North America and to the Arctic Circle Crossing at Mile 115.5 of the Dalton Highway. Then onto Kluane Lake, Yukon for a few days and to Whitehorse where we were joined by my brother and his wife. They will be travelling with us in a rented truck camper for around 3 weeks. Made it to the Arctic Circle crossing of the Dempster Highway and a few day trips around Whitehorse. Once Tom & Peggy left, we travelled south through BC on the Cassier and Glacier highways and then further to the ferry terminal at Prince Rupert. Sailed the Inside Passage to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. Visited with family on the island and next the Lower Mainland for more family visiting. Then to the Okanagan Valley for wine touring ... Penticton, Kelowna, Osoyoos. Toured the Northern Lite truck camper factory in Kelowns. A brief visit with an old friend in Okotoks AB and from there we just drove towards Ontario and put in a few long days until we stopped for a visit with more family in the Windsor area. Then home.

Epilogue: A highlight of this trip was connecting with 50 friends and family during the drive. We scouted for a new home in a few of our favourite parts of Canada; Vancouver Island and the two most moderate climatic regions; Osoyoos BC and Leamington ON.

Support Vehicle: LOAF
Calendar Period: June 11 - October 01
Trip Duration: 16 weeks 1 day (113 days)
Distance Driven:  21378 kms 
Posts Published: (15) Read POSTS BY DATE 2016 June 16 - September 07
Activities: Overlanding, Cultural, Cycling, Hiking, Golfing, Kayaking, Fishing
Rough Roads Driven: Dalton Highway July 25-26, Dempster Highway August 19-22
Reference MapOverland Route 2016 
National Parks Visited: (4) Riding Mountain MB, Prince Albert SK, Denali AK, Kluane YT
National Historical Sites Visited: (1) North Pacific Cannery BC
Significant Events: 42nd Wedding Anniversary, Helen's 62nd Birthday 


2015 Overland to The ROCK
Trip 138 

A Circle Tour of Newfoundland and Labrador ... and More


'Theatre of Fish: Travels Through Newfoundland and Labrador' by John Gimlette
'Mattie Mitchell: A Biography' by Gary Collins
'The Great Canadian Bucket List' by Robin Ebrock

The PLAN: West and Northwest, our favourite region of North America; northern British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories, CANADA and Alaska in the USA. We had truely hoped to and planned on being north, once again this year. For us, travelling from central Canada, a trip to the north is only worthwhile if we can commit to at least 3 or 4 months and include, in that time period ... a medium length wilderness canoe trip and numerous hiking and cycling opportunities. 

BUT, events conspired against us and our plan just didn't work out ... we had to stay around while our house was up for sale and additionally, some family responsibilities became important. 

The REALITY: We are able to escape for a couple of months. So, we'll take advantage of what time we do have to squeeze in a mini-road trip. Travelling from our home in Ontario to the East Coast of Canada is logistically fairly easy for us and travelling this road in particular has been an our bucket list for awhile. We don't have an itinerary planned, just an initial direction ... EAST, and then, we're not sure.

WE ... passed through a quiet, quaint region of Quebec and then suffered through a tortuous drive on Route 389, just south of the Labrador border. The road through Labrador was a mix of very good pavement and varying grades of gravel. Due to all the resource developement and road construction in Labrador, there has been a decline in available pull-outs, camping spots and access to fishing, hiking and paddling. Glad we did the drive, but it doesn't have to be repeated. Too many interesting cultural experiences in Newfoundland and some poor roads. Lots of fresh seafood but the preparation styles favoured deep frying over grilling or sauteed. Nova Scotia; the worst roads of the trip but also fabulous fresh produce, fresh caught seafood and fish; prepared the way we like it. We hiked as much as we could in the Bay of Fundy; both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick ... a highlight.

Vehicle: LOAF
Days: 49
Dates: August 12 - September 29
Posts this Trip: Read RECENT POSTS BY DATE 2015 August 14 - September 27 
Activities: Hiking, Photography, Cultural, Boat Touring, Schooner Sailing, Wine Touring
Distance: 8335.2 kms
Reference MapOverland Route 2014 / 2015
National Parks: Gros Morne NP, Fundy NP
World Heritage Sites: Quebec City QC, Red Bay NL, Gros Morne NP NL
Event: 41st Wedding Anniversary, Helen's 61st Birthday
Publication: We wrote an article that was published in Truck Camper Magazine entitled
OVERLAND TO THE ROCK - Exploring The Trans-Labrador Highway

Trip 136

To The Sun

Let me tell you about my Second Epiphany ... taDAAA! My close friends are tired of hearing this story, but the rest of you ... our blog followers and acquaintances can probably cope.

"When you're a Canadian, you're expected to learn to speak English and French, know how to paddle a canoe and you're supposed to like winter. Well, let me tell you ... if the snow went away completely, ... I wouldn't miss it one darned' bit!"

So, here we are. We'll be on the road, this time, from early November 2014 until early April of 2015. This will be the first time we'll be gone a complete winter. We won't escape the snow completely though. I imagine there will still be some on the ground when we return. Most of our time will be spent travelling around Florida and following the warmth but we also plan on spending a bit longer than 3 weeks in MEXICO. We'll travel with and meet up with several family members, some friends and a group of other truck camper enthusiasts at a number of different locations throughout the duration of this trip.

Vehicle: LOAF
Days: 143
Dates: Nov 09, 2014 - Mar 31, 2015
Activities: Cycling, Cultural, Fishing, Instruction, Kayaking, Photography, Swimming
Distance:  8702 kms
Reference MapOverland Route 2014 / 2015

Trip 134


This was a relatively short road trip for us. Our goal is to attend the event and 'Get Inspired and Educated'. We'll be gathered with like-minded travellers in an environment that encourages discussion about the many facets of long term overland vehicle travel, both domestic and international. We're with Truck Camper buddies Fred & Heather travelling in ROV'N TOADS ... their new Ford F350 diesel under a Northern Lite camper.

Vehicle: LOAF
Days: 13
Dates: Sept 26 - Oct 06, 2014
Distance: 3178 kms
Reference Map: Overland Routes 2011 to 2014


Trip 133

Nicest US State We've Ever Visited ... and That Includes Alaska!

We are meeting 6 other paddlers to canoe the GREEN / COLORADO river(s) in Utah. Following that we plan on visiting some national monuments and hiking as many of the state parks in SW Utah as we can before driving home to Ontario. We'll be passing through a number of US States for the first time and we'll also be spending the majority of our time in Utah ... probably 'the' state that we have wanted to visit, more than any other. We've been to all but 4 of the American States over the years and ' Utah is a gem'. It features an exceptionally unique landscape and endless opportunity for outdoor activities.

Vehicle: LOAF

Days: 60
Dates: April 16 - June 14, 2014
Activities: Cultural, Hiking, Photography
Distance: 12050 kms
Reference Map: Overland Routes 2011 to 2014

Trip 131

New Rig

A shakedown trip with our new truck camper rig. What works or does'nt, is any additional storage required, what is needed to bullet-proof the truck & camper for travel in more remote areas. We'll try and squeeze in time for some fun, relaxation and a few 'self-propelled' pursuits too. Some additional storage is planned and we will tweak some features. We need to resolve sag and sway issues in the rear suspension. Other than that everything went well.

Vehicle: LOAF
Days: 58
Dates: Dec 08, 2013 - Feb 03, 2014
Activities: Cycling, Deep Sea Fishing, Kayaking, Photography
Distance: 8599 kms
Reference Map: Overland Routes 2011 to 2014


Trip 127 

Paddle the THIRTY MILE / YUKON rivers, hike some trails, visit Kluane National Park, absorb some northern culture and visit with friends.

Vehicle: 2008 Toyota Tacoma DD - boat, enclosed bed loaded with paddling and hiking gear

Days: 61
Dates: July 9 - September 7
Activities: Hiking, Photography
Distance: 16321 kms
Reference Map: Overland Routes 2011 to 2014

Trip 120

MAEandering ... !

Visiting a few of the places she liked and leaving a 'bit' of her at each spot ... and of course ... gambling, culture, music, history, food, walking, cycling, birding.

Vehicle: 2008 Toyota Tacoma DD

Days: 20
Dates: March 31 - April 19
Activities: Cycling, Cultural, Hiking
Distance: 6250 kms
PlacesWindsor  Elizabethtown  Tuscaloosa  New Orleans  Biloxi  Panama City  Chiefland  Bradenton  
Jekyll Island  Jonesville  Chambersburg
Reference Map: Overland Routes 2011 to 2014

A Top Pick: Street Musicians

N' Awlins, Louisiana


Trip 112 

Connecting With Some Friends & Paddling a Couple of Northern Rivers.

We will be spending time with Chris & Rick in Whitehorse and hopefully reconnecting with Cyd & David, also from Whitehorse. Friends Jan & Keith will fly up from Ontario and we'll spend a month or so wandering around in various ways. Once we load them onto a return flight, we will be gearing up for paddling trips on the Takhini / WIND / PEEL rivers.

Journal Entry by Keith & Jan Pritchard
This trip was planned in the main by Helen and Dann who had been to these parts, numerous times before (eight I think) whose experience and consideration with regard our first visit to the northwest Canada / USA proved to be invaluable with regard our enjoyment and experience that we shared with them. The mountains, lakes, tundra and wildlife were just spectacular. They flew to Whitehorse in the Yukon on July 3rd, we flew the same way with Air Canada later, joining them on July 6th. Initially we travelled the Whitehorse area in a hire car from ‘Rent a Wreck’ for a couple of days, and were ‘blown away’ with what we saw virtually right from the beginning.

July 7th we picked up the ‘RV’ from Klondike RV rentals, and headed out on July 8, with Dann driving and Helen navigating, saying good bye to our new friends Chris and Rick, who thanks to their long friendship with Dann & Helen had shared their hospitality as Whitehorse residents, with us also.

We toured over the next two weeks in the ‘RV’ up the Klondike Highway, branching off to travel up the Dempster Highway to Eagle Plains and then onto crossing the Artic Circle, before returning down the Dempster rejoining the Klondike and on again to Dawson City.

Leaving Dawson we took the Top of the World Highway over the border into Alaska, USA, taking the Alaska Highway south before taking the Haines Highway at Haines Junction to Haines, crossing the border into the USA for the second time. At Haines we took the ferry to Skagway, then travelling north over the border to Whitehorse via the Klondike and Alaska highways arriving in Whitehorse on July 20th. Everyday, together we shared and saw something spectacular, so much so, that it would be an endless list if we listed everything here (thank goodness for digital cameras, the resulting 1200 photographs can do that far better than I ever could).

Some of the highlights in this part of the trip, the wildlife, climbing Golden Sides Mountain and Dawson City were right at the top of the list of things seen and done for Jan, with the addition of the Tombstone Mountains and Lake Kluane for me. These two weeks shared in close proximity with Dann and Helen proved to be excellent, we all got on really well, were considerate of each other and everyone willingly took part in the chores as well as the adventure as a whole. Total mileage was approximately 3800 Km’s

July 21st to July 26th we travelled southeast along the ALCAN by hire car rented from National Car Rental in Whitehorse travelling in and out of the southern Yukon Border and northern British Columbia. Again the scenery and wildlife didn’t disappoint, we stayed in motels at Dawson Peak, Watson Lake, Liard Hot Springs, Muncho Lake and Dawson Peak again on the return journey to Whitehorse. The stay at Muncho Lake at the western end of the Rocky Mountains, was expensive although peaceful, overnighting in a Log built hotel situated in an idyllic spot. Sampling the hot springs at Liard was also very enjoyable, as well as stimulating and relaxing.

It was during this part of the trip that I realised that a lot of the high mountain top areas we had seen since this adventure had begun, have probably never been set upon by a human being. What more can be said. Total mileage for this part of trip was approximately 1200 Kms.

July 26th to July 31st was spent in the Yukon Inn (motel) using it as our base to travel and hike around the Whitehorse area, the exception being a day’s outing to Atlin Lake in British Columbia, about a 390 km round trip, once again we were so impressed with the majestic scenery and ambience of Atlin which was once a thriving holiday destination for the ‘well to do’s’ in the 1930’s. It also claims to be the home of the highest mountain in the world situated on a lake, absolutely breathtaking!!

During this period our main hike was a most enjoyable and rewarding one, from Miles Canyon along the west bank of the Yukon River to Whitehorse.

July 30th being our last night was spent with our friends at a surprise birthday party for Chris, arranged by her husband Rick, a nice way to end a wonderful time in Whitehorse.

July 31st was our last day in the North, saying a fond farewell to Dann & Helen who were starting the second part of their travels, preparing to paddle the Wind River and to Chris who came to the Airport to wish us “Bon Voyage” on our return to Ottawa, changing flights at Calgary.

We conclude our summary of our trip, by simply stating we had a fantastic time from start to finish, without exception, everyday of the adventure. What we saw was spectacular, what we did was enjoyable and what we learnt was invaluable.

We would have never have shared this wonderful experience without the forethought and planning by our good friend’s Helen and Dann to whom we give our sincere thanks for all their work and effort in making our trip what is was,,,, a most memorable one!

FOOTNOTE from Jan ….

There’s not much I can add to the above but here goes: -

A trip/adventure should be fun and I think we can all say we had that.  Keith and I learned so much from our companions and I would like to think that their English language has been enriched a little with our various, as yet unknown to them, English expressions.

I think the highlight for me was the first sighting of a moose and her calves in their natural habitat.  Because I had been desperate to see something wild when it did happen it was amazing. Reaching the top of Goldenside, a 2000ft rise was another great moment, especially as it was my birthday and the view from the top was fantastic and felt like you were on top of the world.  It was a little ironic too when we were doing some walking in the bushes that we were actually talking to the bears to “ come here” but had they suddenly appeared goodness knows what we would have done!

The whole trip was amazing and now that we have been back home for a few weeks it is even more exciting to think that we went all that way, covered so many miles and saw so much.  Thank you Dann and Helen for giving us the opportunity to visit that part of Canada and America something we would probably never do on our own.

Vehicle(s): Rental car & Class C

Days: 51
Dates: July 2 - August 21
Activities: Cultural, Hiking, Photography
Distance: 4781 kms
Event: 35th Wedding Anniversary
Designation: World Heritage Site
Reference Map: Overland Routes 2005 and 2009


2005 Around NORTH AMERICA 
Trip 099 

Longest Road Trip to Date

Wikipedia: CANADA

Wikipedia: USA

Big Lakes, Big Sky, Big Wind, Big Rivers, Big Animals, Big Mud, Big Mountains, Big RV’s, Big Trucks, Big Roadwork, Big Dust, Big Hikes, Big Bears, Big Grade, Big Glaciers, Big Ocean, Big Fish, Big Heat, Big Casinos, Big Desert, Big Dam, Big Plains, Big Windmills, Big Humidity… Big Road Trip !

Vehicle1996 CHEVROLET Express 3/4 T Van / 2004 KEYSTONE Zeppelin 2 Travel Trailer
Days: 136
Dates: June 1 - October 14
Activities: Cycling, Canoeing, Hiking, Kayaking, Photography
Distance: 28792 kms
Canadian Provincial Parks: Charleston Lake ON, Pancake Bay ON, Boya Lake BC, Wells Gray BC
Canadian Territorial Parks: Twin Falls Gorge NT, Sambah Deh Falls NT, Tombstone YT
Canadian National Parks: Kluane YT, Nahanni NT
Designation: World Heritage Site
Event: 31st Wedding Anniversary
Reference Map: Overland Routes 2005 and 2009


2005 Pacific Coast, COSTA RICA
Trip 98 

Driving In Central America

Wikipedia: COSTA RICA

We travelled the Pacific Coast from PANAMA north to NICARAGUA. We stayed at several different locations and had a few different travelling companions a couple of times throughout the trip. We were in 4 of the 7 provinces: Alajuela, Guanacaste, Puntarenas and San Jose. The weather was terrific . In general, we had sunny, hot, clear conditions for 51 days straight.

There isn't as much cultural diversity as in Panama and Cuba. The major cities of San Jose and Liberia aren't all that interesting ... architecturally, culturally or socially. There is no active indigenous Indian population left in CR. Most Indian artwork is imported from Panama. Local artisans create beautiful hand-painted ceramic tiles and pieces in exotic woods. Sunsets are always breath-taking. Driving can be an adventure - some dirt roads are extremely poor, mountain driving skills are a necessity. There are too many dogs and ATV's in this country. The indigenous breed of Spanish descended horses is beautiful.

Vehicle: Toyota Terios (rental)
Distance: 3083 kms
Average Fuel Cost: 370 colonnes / litre (a bit more than $1 CDN)
Days: 51
Dates: January 10 - March 1
Activities: sea-kayaking, hiking, cultural, snorkelling, catamaran sailing, swimming
Reference Map: Overland Routes 2005 and 2009


1998 THIRD Road Trip NORTH of 60
Trip 015 

LogisticsKinburn, ON > MB SA AB BC YT AK MO WY SD WI MI
Vehicle: 1994 F350 RC LB SRW 4x4 7.3l diesel with 1988 Maple Leaf Camper
Days: 50
Dates: August - September
Activities: Overlanding, canoeing, biking, hiking, photography
Distance : 16000 km (est.)
Event: 24th Wedding Anniversary
Photography: Old, poor quality, scanned images ... sorry!
Canadian Provincial Parks: Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho, Glacier, Banff
Designation: World Heritage Site
Post Description: Read the photo captions, the story is in the photography and it's 'mostly chronological'.
Reference Map: Overland Routes 1996 to 1998

We headed across Canada and met up with Mae, Earl, Sue & Chris at a Provincial Park near Prince George, B.C. We travelled together for a few days, then Sue & Chris headed back to Vancouver while the rest of us travelled on to Whitehorse. Mae & Earl headed back East from Whitehorse while we continued North. We did some of our best hiking ever in the Rocky Mtn Parks of Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho and Glacier. One of the most memorable trips was the Glacier Crest Trail in the Illcillewaet Glacier. This was a 9.6 km return trip and it took about 45 hours to complete - this included a lunch break at the 'emergency' cabin at the summit. A series of increasingly steep switchbacks to the top and a final elevation of a little over 2000 ft. We met several hikers from Holland at the top and during our lunch break we were scolded by the resident 'marmot' and 'pika' populations.


1997 Ontario
Trip 010

Five Provincial Parks

Logistics: Travel around Ontario
Vehicle: 1994 F350 RC LB SRW 4x4 7.3l diesel with 1988 Maple Leaf Camper
Days: 21
Dates: September
Activities: Overlanding, canoeing, hiking, photography
Distance : 4500 kms (est.)
Photography: Old, poor quality, scanned images ... sorry!
Canadian Provincial Parks: Killarney, Sleeping Giant, Algonquin, Bruce Peninsula, Lake Superior
Post Description: Read the photo captions, the story is in the photography and it's 'mostly chronological'.
Reference Map: Overland Routes 1996 to 1998

We travelled around the province and camped, biked, hiked and paddled. We have pictures taken at Killarney Provincial Park along the Bruce Trial and Sleeping Giant Provincial ark. Mom and Dad O'Kane were staying at the Blue Spruce in Dwight and we stopped in and visited with them for a night on our way home.

We did a nice single day flat-water loop at Killarney - about 25 km if I remember correctly. At one portage along this route we saw an older lady (maybe early 60s) paddling and portaging a solo river kayak. We also hiked a couple of the day trails in Killarney - all nice. This is a beautiful park. In some ways the scenery is more beautiful than Algonquin - lots of gray granite and white quartzite rock mixed with hardwood and softwood forest - the lakes are beautiful. I can see why the 'Group of Seven' spent so much time here.

The local fox population in Killarney Park is quite tame. Helen had one wait for her at the toilet and then follow her back to the camp-site. We had one visit us one evening that was so tame it spent the better park of an hour sitting beside our camp-fire. At one point it even put its' head down and napped for a short while.

We encountered a major hailstorm at Bruce Peninsula Provincial Park. One side of the camper sustained fairly severe hail dimples in the aluminium siding. Helen got caught in it! She was on her way to get water when the storm hit - she arrived back at the camp-site with the water pail over her head not beside her and full of water like it should have been! I of course was safe inside the camper with a glass of wine in my hand. Unfortunately, I had to send her back out for water once the storm passed. We hiked part of the Bruce Trail the following day and the accumulation of hailstones was still about 6 inches deep in in places in the bush.

On our return trip we did some hiking and walked into the Ragged Falls site with dad one day.


1996 The Atlantic Provinces
Trip 009 

The EAST Coast

Logistics: Kinburn, ON > way East through ON NY VT NH MA NB NS NL PQ PE
Vehicle: 1994 F350 RC LB SRW 4x4 7.3l diesel with 1988 Maple Leaf Camper
Travelling Companions: Mae & Earl in a Volkswagen Van
Days: 35
Dates: August - September
Activities: Overlanding, canoeing, hiking, photography
Distance : 6000 kms (est.)
Event: 22nd Wedding Anniversary
Photography: Old, poor quality, scanned images ... sorry!
Canadian National Parks: Gros Morne NP
Designation: World Heritage Site
Post Description: This happened too long ago and I can't remember the details. Read the photo captions, the story is in the photography and it's 'mostly chronological'.
Reference Map: Overland Routes 1996 to 1998

Mid-August, we were packed and departing for points East. Our 1994 Ford was loaded with camper, canoe, food and wine. Mae & Earl loaded up their VW Van, once again assuming it still had many more kilometres to go. We plan on about a 5 week trip. We decided to travel through the USA on the trip out and return home through Quebec. The trip resulted in more ferry crossings than we had done before, a visit to L'Anse aux Meadows ( the oldest known Viking settlement in NA), hiking trips into Gros Morne NP, a stop at Cape Spears (NA's most easterly point of land), one inland and one coastal boat tour, A Farley Mowat sighting during a ferry crossing and our most amazing wildlife sighting ever ... 30,000 nesting pairs of Northern Gannets at Cape St. Mary's ... and one Moose.


1994 SECOND Road Trip NORTH of 60
Trip 008 

Ontario to the Beaufort Sea and Places In Between

Logistics: Kinburn, ON > in a north-westerly direction into ON MB SA AB BC NT YT AK
Vehicle: 1994 F350 RC LB SRW 4x4 7.3l diesel with 1988 Maple Leaf Camper
Travelling Companions: Mae & Earl in a Volkswagen Van
Days: 56
Dates: July - September
Activities: Overlanding, canoeing, hiking, fishing, photography
Distance : 16000 km (est.)
Event: 20thWedding Anniversary
Designation: World Heritage Site
Photography: Old, poor quality, scanned images ... sorry!
Post Description: This happened too long ago and I can't remember the details. Read the photo captions, the story is in the photography and it's 'mostly chronological'.
Reference Map: Overland Routes 1988 and 1994


Mid-July saw us packed up in our brand new 1994 Ford F350. Our new to us, 'used' truck camper was loaded up with food, wine, clothes, firewood and our canoe. Mae & Earl had loaded their VW van and together, the four of us set out on our first trip north 'by vehicle'. We were delayed briefly by the first of three flat tires that M&E would have. Earl had convinced himself that his tires would last until Edmonton ... they didn't. The adventure has begun.


1988 FIRST Road Trip NORTH of 60
Trip 004 

We're Enamoured With THE NORTH

Logistics: from Dunrobin, ON > flight to Whitehorse, YT
Vehicle: Rental Ford F250 4x4 with a Maple Leaf Camper
Travelling Companions: Mae & Earl in a Volkswagen Van
Dates: 3 weeks in August / September
Activities: Overlanding, hiking, fishing, photography
Distance : 3000 kms (est.)
Event: 14th Wedding Anniversary
Photography: Old, poor quality, scanned images ... sorry!
Post Description: This happened too long ago and I can't remember the details. Read the photo captions, the story is in the photography and it's 'mostly chronological'.
Reference Map: Overland Routes 1988 and 1994

Helen and I had always wanted to travel to the Canadian North, so when Mae & Earl suggested that we join them on a road trip they would be embarking on we couldn't resist. It was a short trip, we saw a lot in 3 weeks and it set the stage for several return trips and a life-long fascination with this part of our country.

FIRST Trip ... Begin Here


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