12 August 2017

A Journeymakers Garage


It's been difficult for us ... to find a shop that will work on LOAF. 

LOAF is 13 feet tall and weighs more than 6 tons ... he's hard to get through a door and even tougher still to lift!


... SO, we consider ourselves fortunate to have located a nearby garage that can do the work. We need a shop that is not only capable of maintaining, repairing and upgrading the 'truck' component of our rig, but can also complete basic repairs to the 'camper' cabin portion. 

Cannifton Garage to the rescue! 

'  ... for over 3 generations, we have served and will continue to serve the Belleville and Quinte area. The garage was started in 1957 by Harvy Putnam as a garage/gas station working on trucks and selling Ford tractor equipment ... '

They have a stable of mechanics and office staff on-hand with the medium and heavy duty truck chassis experience and facilities to handle everything from smaller Class B vans, and medium duty delivery vehicles through to larger Class A RV's, dump trucks and tractor trailers ... LOAF is classed somewhere in the middle of all those.

We have received excellent advice on suspension modifications and upgrades to our rig. They have been handling all the regular maintenance and following the Severe Service Schedule that is recommended for our truck. Their shop has replaced our stock Ford rear anti sway bar with a Hellwig Big Wig. They mounted taller, upgraded Nitto Load Range 129E tires, all without level/lift kits or body work. They have flawlessly swapped out our campers' solar house batteries with upgraded and more efficient Exide AGM batteries, installed auxiliary driving and rear backup lights, relocated backup sensor alarms and a camera. And, I've already challenged them with additional mods and upgrades ... brush guard D-bumpers, add a rear leaf spring and possibly a front anti-sway bar.


' Journeymakers are those good folk who turn your trips into treasured memories. They are the people who elevate your travel experience with the passion and enthusiasm for the place they call home and for the interest and kindness they give you, the traveller. '

Most of our dealings have been with Mike (owner), Chris (front desk - on holidays) and Shane (LOAF's head mechanic) ... they all easily qualify as Journeymakers!

In this photo, Shane has fabricated aluminum brackets to mount and relocate the Fords' backup alarms and backup camera to the rear Lance bumper. All original wiring was extended, covered with flexible conduit and includes quick release connectors to allow for camper offloading.

Mike and Shane

' All work is completed professionally and in a friendly, timely fashion. '

Do you need Help on Your Journey? 

If you're near Belleville, Ontario and searching for a garage that can service your truck camper, LOAF highly recommends the Cannifton Garage.


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