10 July 2017

BACKYARD 07.10.17 ... " Tall Ships and Vineyards "


Part 3 in the Series, Exploring Our Backyard

... we set sail, drank fermented grape juice and were joined by The Raisins ...


Getting There
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The tiny village of Bath, Ontario came alive for the second weekend in a row; this time to host the annual Tall Ships Regatta. This years event was in honour of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. Recreationists groups were on hand to present War of 1812 history and naval demonstrations.

We set sail on the Empire Sandy; Canada's largest passenger class tall ship with a capacity of 300


" The Empire Sandy was one of 1,464 Empire ships built or acquired for war service by the British Government. Built in England in 1943 as a deep sea tugboat, she was tasked with Royal Navy work and salvaging merchant ships damaged in the Battle of the Atlantic and other naval engagements during the Second World War. She served in the North Atlantic Ocean from Iceland to Sierra Leone, the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal during World War II.

In 1948 she was bare-boat chartered by Risdon Beazley who renamed her Ashford, together with their Bustler class tug Twyford, Ashford entered the rescue towage market. The Ashford is listed, in 'Part of the Acorn Archive - Hearts of Oak' as part of the salvage team attending HMS Warspite after the Warspite went aground on 23 April 1947. The Ashford is incorrectly identified as tug Englishman.

Ashford was handed back to the Admiralty in 1952. She was then sold to a Canadian firm, the Great Lakes Paper Company, and renamed Chris M. She then came to the Canadian Great Lakes where she spent fifteen years towing timber rafts for Lake Superior logging companies. In the early 1970s the aged ship was to be sold for scrap, but the steel hull was still in very good condition and she was bought by Nautical Adventures Co. for a possible conversion. They completely rebuilt the Chris M as a three masted schooner in the style of the 1880s and she assumed her original name the Empire Sandy. "

The days photos ...

Food & Drink

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A mini wine tour to a couple of local vineyards and lunch at one. Both offer very pleasant wines. Huff Estates has a very good restaurant patio that also features a dessert of the day ... The Raisins shared. A local blues and jazz quartet played @ 1 pm. We purchased samples from each vineyard.

" ... we face a big challenge every winter when temperatures can dip below -24C — the point at which buds on the vines will die. To protect them, we “hill up” the vines after harvesting the grapes in the fall and bury them under the soil, which provides enough insulation to keep them alive over the winter. In the spring, we undertake the mammoth task of de-hilling the vines — removing the soil and uncovering the vines. It’s a delicate task that must be done by hand to prevent damage. No other wine region in Canada does this ... " Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association

                                                              THE GRANGE OF PRINCE EDWARD

" I grew up on this land, my family's farm and when I took it over, I knew we could produce excellent wine here. So I built the winery from the ground up. " ... Caroline Granger - Owner and Winemaker

                                                                               HUFF ESTATES

" Located on a small peninsula in the southeastern corner of the county, the 23 acre South Bay Vineyard was first planted in 2001. The soil is composed of clay loam, shale loam and limestone. The temperature climate generated by the two large bodies of water creates a perfect location to to grow vines such as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir as well as Cabernet Franc and Merlot. " ... Huff Estates


All photos by LOAFin Around unless otherwise credited.
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Crusty & Wry ... 


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