21 August 2017

Island Hopping

Mostly just photography, from a short leg of this trip; some sailing and some driving ... 

In New Brunswick; L' Etete to Deer Island to Campobello Island and return. That's Lubec, Maine USA (bottom left).



 ' ... is one of the Fundy Islands in the Bay of Fundy, Canada and is the entrance to Passamaquoddy Bay ... '

When you're not on a schedule or don't have an itinerary, days can be stressless ... today was one of those ... a very short drive from yesterdays campsite, then onboard the Amanda ferry at L'Etete for the sail to Deer Island. Drove the shoreline road east from the ferry terminal to the 45th Parallel Restaurant (the only one) on the island ...  a pleasant lunch hosted by a friendly waitress, some wine, fish chowder with mackerel, potatoes and hot sauce, a fresh lobster roll with caesar salad ... all local ingredients, simple preparations, traditional recipes.

Photos ... the fishing fleet at rest, looking across an international border to Maine USA, a nosey harbour seal cruising, the Deer Island Lighthouse

Old Sow Whirlpool
The whirlpool starts to becomes visible a few hours before high tide and grows steadily, sometimes reaching a diameter of 76 metres (250 feet). It's located just to the right of where LOAF is looking ... 

'Old Sow'  is the Worlds' Second Largest Tidal Whirlpool (the ' Maelstrom ' Whirlpool in Norway is the largest). It's also the Worlds' Largest in the western hemisphere.

‘ … according to mythical etymology the name "Old Sow" is derived from "pig -like" noises the whirlpool makes when churning; however, a more likely origin is the word "sough" (pronounced "suff"), defined as a "drain", or a "sucking sound". Early settlers to the area may easily have mispronounced "sough", as "sow" (rhyming with "cow") due to its similar spelling to other words with "sow-sound" endings, such as "plough" … ‘

This days camp at Deer Island Point. The 'Old Sow' Whirlpool entertains just left of the lighthouse.



' ... Campobello Island is an island located at the entrance to Passamaquoddy Bay, adjacent to the entrance to Cobscook Bay, and within the Bay of Fundy. The island is one of the Fundy Islands and is part of Charlotte County, New BrunswickCanada. The island has no road connection to the rest of Canada; though there is a bridge connecting it to nearby Lubec, Maine in the United States ... '

A rainy day; we drove and did an historical tour  ...

Photos ... the FDR Roosevelt summer home at Roosevelt Campobello International Park : gravity hot water system featuring brass and copper fittings and equipment, call bells for the maids, irons heating on the woodstove, water closet, a typical bedroom, the laundry, canoe builder unknown



Still raining, so we drove the rest of the island ...

More Photos ... a wildflower display, the Calais, Maine fishing fleet, harbour seal, Mulholland Lighthouse, lobster pound, scallop beds, gray seal, a pretty cove, Head Harbour Lightstation, Herring Cove


The rain moved out the day we left the islands, back to back ferries, sailed on the Hopper II (photo below) and then the Princess I

Both the Hopper I and II are 'pusher tug ferries'. The tug is attached to the ferry hull by an articulating arm that allows it to completely turn the ferry around and redirect it, if necessary.


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