14 August 2015

Overland to The Rock: We Have NO Itinerary and We're NOT Far From Home ... to Quebec City, QC

AFTER an unexpected delay of several weeks and due to a situation completely out of our control, we've finally embarked on Trip #138 (see our Trip Index) ... it's our latest. Even though we'll be travelling from our home in Ontario and through several provinces before returning, our focus will be on the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Affectionately referred to as 'The ROCK'. Our previous visits here, were a 1996 road trip with Mae & Earl (The Outlaws) and a 2010 trip to hike several sections of the East Coast Trail with a group of friends. We plan on being away, this time, until early October ... for 6 or 7 weeks.

                                                                                                                     Karen Ron Rhonda Cliff Carol Helen Gerry

1996                                                       2010

... and now ... it's 2015

So, to get us started, here's a gift of some 'travellin' poetry from a good friend ... 

Please Welcome Guest Poet Cary Dark

On the road again
On the road again
Out where the Moose is your friend
Going to drive it to the very end
Hope the World isn"t flat............   
Cause if it is you'll go splat! 
 Dann should wear his Lucky Hat.

                                                                        .... Cary (with inspiring words from the DARK side)

August 12 - 13
CANADA's Oldest Road
From Kingston on Hwy 401 south to Hwy 20 east, then exit to Autoroute 30. Take the Hwy 30 bypass around Montreal ... well worth it if you are not planning on entering the Concrete City. Next day, headed to Trois Rivieres on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River and picked up highway 138 - the King’s Highway, Canada’s Oldest RoadFollows the St. Lawrence River (mostly), quiet, slow, picturesque, small villages and farms, cottage architecture, well-maintained properties, roadside agricultural vendors, cafes & bistros. Highly recommended, for those who don't want to travel the major through-ways, this is, quite simply, a very pleasant drive!

Wikipedia: The Chemin du Roy (French for "King's Highway" or "King's Road") is an historic road along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. The road begins in Repentigney and extends almost 280 kilometres (170 mi) eastward towards Quebec City, its eastern terminus. Most of the Chemin du Roy today follows along the present-day Quebec Route 138. In 1706, the Conseil supĂ©rieur (Grand Council) of New France decreed that a road be built to connect the settlements along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. Work began in 1731, under the supervision of Grand Voyer (senior road surveyor) Eustache Lanouiller de Boisclerc, and was completed in 1737. Upon completion, the Chemin du Roy was 7.4 metres (24 ft) wide, over 280 kilometres (170 mi) long, and crossed 37 seignories. The Chemin du Roy was the longest road in existence at the time, north of MEXICO.

What you'll see ...


This was a planned stop. For us, and from our home, it's around 650 kilometres driving distance to Quebec City. The trip could be made in one day. 

We've only visited this historic Canadian city once and that was in 1985 (30 years ago).  It rained throughout most of that stay ... we've decided the weather will be better this time ...

... and this time it was! We bus shuttled into Old Quebec City and did a walking tour. This truly is a beautiful city. I know why the tour companies sell packages. Well preserved stone buildings with a French European influence, a 400+ year history, several beautiful churches, cobblestone streets, street buskers, artists row, musicians, a great restaurant selection including local foods - dishes and wines, not cosmopolitan at all. Decisive military engagements here were primarily responsible for the split of British North America into the two nations of Canada and the United States.

What you'll see ...

  Cuisine IS Culture, really it IS ... and Quebec City has some good stuff goin' on!

So, what a great way to end our short stay here in this very old Canadian city. Today, we each had one of our best restaurant meals EVER!!! at La Tournebrouche Bistro. Do yourself a favour and have a meal here, if you ever get a chance, you W I L L  N O T be dissapointed.

What you'll eat ...

Helen’s: A Shepheards Pie with local organic smoked rotisserie chicken, local corn, potatoes, grilled tomatoe and cheese topped with arugula. 

Dann’s: A Smoked Trout with endive, roasted tomatoe, and risotto with balsamic syrup, and a local cheese . A local wine - William Blanc from Riviere du Chene variety Vandal-Cliche. Simply irresistable ....

Crusty ... Just Another Foodie!

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