28 July 2015

BASECAMP 07.28.15 ... " Living In A Truck Camper "

SERIES Truck Camper Life - PART 4: Pre-trip Preparations

Living in a truck camper can be challenging ...

Short driving trips are easy to plan and pack for but longer ones often require greater effort. We travel in a very confined space in a TC (which most of us share with another person). It is necessary to try and maintain a sense of humour, but I think the most important thing is to be comfortable at all times. This has to feel like home since for several weeks or months at a time, it is. In order to accomplish this, pre-trip preparations are an absolute necessity.

There are many ways to be comfortable; the 'truck' part of your truck camper set-up has to have the things you need. If we spend long days driving we want nice music, snacks, comfy seats, cold drinks, GPS, perhaps portable Internet. You need to know the rig is safe and you are confident in its' abilities. You want to be ready for any emergency (roadside recovery kit, spare tire, flares, fluids, communications devices ...).

You also need to know that you are ready (and comfortable) for all of the outdoor activities that will be available once you get to your destination(s). You require appropriate gear : bullet proof rain gear, warm fleece, dry shoes, well worn hiking boots, bike shorts, paddling jackets, fishing poles, bug shirts, bikes, canoe, kayak ....
This all requires planning and organization. The more remote the trip, the more planning. It is a big job to ensure that you haven't forgotten an important item. Lists are very helpful (especially since we now have 'senior' moments and tend to miss steps). Crusty is responsible for the rig and the gear.  He does an admirable job with very little or no supervision from his 'better' half.

Now you are probably wondering what I do, while Crusty is hard at work ensuring our TC is safe and well equipped. I have taken on the role of ensuring the 'camper' part of our home is comfy. Inside your TC you want nice bedding, good books, your favorite music, movies, fine wine and good food. You have to know your 'shower bag' is equipped and ready to go (shampoo, soap, shaving cream, razors - check, check, check).  Will we run out of TP 200 km from the nearest store? More importantly - will we run out of wine?

If we are heading to Florida for the winter, these things are much less important.  There is a WalMart, Costco, Publix right around the corner - no big deal if you have forgotten something, just 'go shopping'!

Most of the inside stuff is relatively easy - after each trip, wash all the linens, remake bed, ensure staples are inventoried and replenished. The challenge comes with the food. I make most of our food from scratch (even our own Greek Yoghurt, granola etc). This type of thing is almost impossible in a TC. Not only difficult, but I don't want to take the time to make yoghurt or cereal when I could be off on a hike, paddling a river or fly fishing on a remote stream.  

 Enter the pre-trip preparation phase ...

PB/Oatmeal cookies
Vacuum Sealing
If we are going to be close to grocery stores where we can replenish our fruit/vegetables the job is much easier. I dislike a lot of pre-packaged food items, I like to know what I am eating, so whenever possible I prepare food ahead of time and vacuum seal it for our trip. I also like to dehydrate items when I know we will be back country  - limes to add to our drinking water that we filter from a local stream, vegetables that will re-hydrate quickly to make a flavourful soup, fruit to add to our morning oatmeal, even olives to re-hydrate for an amazing pasta sauce.
Salmon burgers/tuna steaks
Cookies,crackers, granola, blueberries
Soon, the freezer will be packed, the under-seat storage filled with wine and vacuum sealed goodies. We will be comfortable and confident knowing, that not only will we not starve, we will be stocked with all of our favourite foods. We will  enjoy local delicacies whenever we can but if we decide to boondock by that lovely stream for a week, we can do it.

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