30 August 2015

whOOse watching yOOur property ?

Many of us that travel, rely on friends to watch over our home  while we are away. 

It's always a relief to know that everything back home is in good hands.

I recently recieved a Property Check Report from The DARK Side ... our watchful neighbour.

"Just a little miffed.

So I was over at your place today, trying to open the windows from the outside.  Can't be done unless you can find a good hand sized rock.  Of course Mr. Neat & Tidy has gathered them all up and created a nice attractive pile..............somewhere.  Only thing left are these big ass stones and I left my Egyptian slaves in Egypt. 

Sooo I head over to the garden.  No squash, no beans, no carrots, not a damn rutabaga in sight.! There was one, you can count it, don't even have to take off your socks, One teeny tiny red tomato. So I took it! And now there are no tomatoes.  And then I found many many acorns.  So I took them!  The garden was ashamed that there was so little.  The forest was proud.  I told the garden I would return.  

I am now at home making Margo an acorn salad.....ummmmm yummers"

Crusty ... feeling relieved, I think?

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