16 January 2015

LIVE at the CAPITOL Theatre

Location: Ft. De Soto County Park, Tierra Verde, FL, USA
We'll only be staying here for 3 nights this time around. Just long enough to attend a couple of music concerts in nearby Clearwater ... (my Entertainment Coordinator made these bookings months ago, she wears many hats!) We'll be seeing Lucinda Williams and her backup band Buick 6 one night and then the David Bromberg Quintet the next night. We've rented a car for the drive ... a little easier than wandering around the downtown area of Clearwater after dark with LOAF.

Dinner before the first show at Chiang Mai Thai and Sushi Bar

Roast Duck and Sushi
Notice how much larger Helen's platter was than my plate. Good Lord!... she ate ONE whole duck!

The Capitol Theatre
Inside the Capital Theatre in Clearwater, Florida

I'm a fan ... the Lucinda Williams concert was good, but not terrific by any means. She writes and sings country blues ... and her performance reflected her material and that genre. Her father Miller Williams passed recently and it may have had an adverse affect on her willingness to engage the audience. His poetry was the inspiration for some of the lyrics on her latest recording. She concentrated on much of the music from "Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone" and played several of her older more popular pieces. Her backup band is good ...  a trio that's obviously been playing together for awhile. Bought a couple of cd's for the collection.


Dinner before the second show at the Columbia Restaurant in Clearwater. 

We've eaten here, several times in the past. Cuban and Spanish influences. They make the best black bean soup  you'll ever have.

Outside the Columbia Restaurant in Clearwater Florida  But tonight we had ... gazpacho, shrimp/crab/avacado bake, shrimp entree and a bottle of Enzi Chardonny from their family owned vineyard.

Inside the Columbia Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida

The evening with the David Bromberg Quintet was very enjoyable. The group focuses on acoustic music and easily transitions through folk, bluegrass, jazz and blues genres. They have fun with every piece they play. David is very personable and he was able to create an intimate atmosphere with the audience. I have several LP's at home from recordings he made in the 70's and 80's - one of the fortunate artists able to make a living playing music. If you ever get a chance ... see this group.

Crusty ... 


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  2. Hello Jamal - thank you so much for your comments. We were in Dubai in Feb 2017 - fascinating place, we absolutely loved it (check out our blog post for that date). As a chef you may perhaps appreciate another post I wrote about attending a cooking class in Mexico, scroll down on the left side to March 2016 .... Again, thank you so much for your feedback http://loafin-around.blogspot.ca/2016/03/review-josefinas-concina-con-alma.html?spref=fb


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