4 January 2015

Fuel Cost Comparison

Location: Rock Creek RV Resort, Naples, FL, USA
Since leaving Ontario on November 09, 2014, we've driven 
3712 kms and had 14 fuel fill-ups ... 

We use Fuelly.com to track and monitor our driving economy. Our statistics combine driving with and without the Lance camper loaded ... but mostly with the camper on. Don't forget ... the Lance adds nearly 4000# to our overall weight and has a noticeable affect on our fuel economy. This does not compare to ...  'just throwing a couple of tennis rackets or a bag of wine into the back of your Prius'! ... and, then becoming outraged because you lost a km or two / litre in fuel economy!!!

We were getting better fuel economy on previous trips to North Carolina and to SW Utah ... there, we were averaging 20+ litres  / 100 kms. I'm not sure what has made the difference? We have service tomorrow in Naples and I'll have the garage investigate a couple of possible reasons. I am now using a K&N lifetime air filter that is supposed to improve the 'breathability' of the Ford's 6.2l gas engine and increase fuel economy. I'll have a Ford air filter installed this time and track fuel economy for comparison. Also, we have asked that any outstanding TSB's or updates to the Ford's computer system are current. Presently, with the camper on, we are averaging in the mid to high 20 litres /100 whereas previously we were averaging closer to the low 20's /100 litres. 

So, for any of you that like to compare the cost of gasoline in Canada vs USA ... the realtime news is that the current Kingston, ON gasoline price back home (January 04, 2015) is $00.869 / litre. Our average fuel cost on this trip of 3712 kms has been $00.860 / litre ... which is virtually the same!

The cost to fill-up in Ontario, CANADA or, the average of the USA Eastern States ... at the moment ... I S   T H E   S A M E !

Crusty ...

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