20 January 2015


Location: Turtle Beach Campground, Siesta Key, FL, USA
We can't be busy every day all day ... 

Up late, still catching up on a couple of previous, past midnight nights at music concerts in Clearwater. We're not old yet, just older ... any 'partying' time after 9:00 pm takes us days to recuperate. For lunch today ... a big bowl of 'really good' homemade clam chowder at the Turtle Beach Pub and Grill across the street from the campground. We welcomed the hot chowder, it's a little cooler now (high of 18C @ midday) ... brrr!, not Canadian brrr ... just, Florida brrr!
Today ... an 'earlier than normal' happiness hour. For us, that's 'sometime ?' before 4:00 pm. I spent the afternoon writing ... my journal and this blog, then surfing other truck camper and travel blogs for inspiration and travel information. Gathered lots of each. I can't wait to tell Wry about all the neat new places I've read about that we'll be travelling to with LOAF ... I just know she'll be excited!

I thoroughly enjoyed and believe my writing may have been enhanced by a pleasant, buttery Chardonnay offering from Chateau Ste Michelle, Columbia Valley, CA (2013). I really do like my Chardonnays, probably too much!

Over the last several days we've both felt a need to ... just do nothing. Why do we feel oddly guilty about that ... we really shouldn't!?

We arrived a few days ago, promptly offloaded the kayaks, unfolded the bikes, opened the gear bag and pulled out all the extra equipement we need to support both those activities. 

We were ready, prepared and eager! It's now three days later ... and we haven't done much ... sometimes this business of travelling wears you down and tires you out. We've managed a couple of beach walks and some short bike rides, mainly for groceries. I suppose, we need to step back and recharge somewhat. When at home, in Ontario, we can cocoon, easily have days where we stay in our house, hide, sleep in, take naps throughout the day, watch movies, read books or magazines ... and in general, 'Do Nothing', we call those pyjama days! But, on the road, there's an expected ... 'Get Out There And Do Something Attitude'. Most of this expectation is self imposed, of course. We have 'Two Speeds' these days ... much like our good friend GER ... either, skipping or galloping 2 kms ahead of everyone else on a hiking trail or shuffling along at the rear, head down, carrying an 80 lb backpack ... we're experiencing the latter at the moment.

We're usually very active while we travel, in many ways more than when at home. We enjoy short bursts of spontaneous, adventure ... day trips to paddle, walk & hike, cycle, dive & snorkel. From base camp at home our longer adventures are scripted and planned in advance ... all the details of a 2 week wilderness canoe trip are researched well in advance, all arrangements are in place ... the outfitting, food prep, air charters etc. International trips require much more research and planning. 

Being on the road isn't any different than being at home. For all the travellers out there ... pay attention to recharging yourselves. 

Your body, mind or spirit will tell you when you should ......... just L I S T E N.

Crusty ... no longer feeling quite as guilty for doing nothing all day!


  1. Great blog a day of relaxing. Usually your adventures make me tired lol...Darlene B

  2. LOL Darlene, glad you enjoyed our 'lazy' day. Thanks for commenting - it is much appreciated - tomorrow back to biking, kayaking, walking .... Hugs


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