12 December 2014

The Escapee

Location: Turtle Beach Campground, Siesta Key, FL, USA

This very odd fellow pulled into the campground last night, directly across from us, driving a brand new, sparkly clean and detailed, $65k Cadillac. 

He sat in his car in front of the site for several minutes, just staring ... OO ? He's wearing a white bathrobe and it's not the kind you get at a health spa either. It's the kind you might be wearing if you'd just stolen some wealthy psychiatrists' car and escaped from an institution or clinic of some sort. He removed mounds of stuff from the car and piled them on the picnic table and on the ground. We think he may have been eating something. He wandered past while we were sitting out ... dragging his feet and arms, kinda wild-eyed, tossled hair, scraggly beard chopped at unusual angles, dirty old sweat pants, stained t-shirt.  He slept in the car. At 6am the next day I was awakened by two sounds ... a car door opening, brief silence, then 'Good Morning Squirrel' ... OO ? Next all the doors in the car open, all the car's lights come on and the radio comes on LOUDLY. It's still dark out and everyone here was still sleeping. By 7:50 am he had packed up and was gone. Probably had an 8:00 am curfew to meet ... OO !

Crusty ... OO!

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