9 December 2014

I Wonder If MAE Will Ever ... Pass Herself ?

CURRENT LOCATION: Turtle Beach Campground, Siesta Key, FL, USA

MAE has been a welcome companion in several adventures in our lives and she also features prominently in this travel blog.  

We were fortunate to travel with her and 'The Duke' to Canada's Atlantic provinces, to northern Canada a couple of times and into Alaska and also to the southern USA. Here, on our blog, you can find her in About / MAE and also in Maps / MAEandering 

Arctic Circle, Dempster Highway, YT

She continues to travel along with us, as spirit ash, in her own personal egg coddler. We realize the egg coddler's not the greatest accommodation, but it lets us sneak her across International borders and through airport customs inconspicuously. Most of the time we leave her at places on land that she enjoyed visiting ... she won't move around much from those. But she's also been taken to a few coastal ocean locations that she liked and from those MAE will continue her travels. 

Helen recently scattered a few more bits of her ... this time into, the Gulf of Mexico off the west coast of central Florida. 

That's MAE ... there!, in the Egg Coddler

She was here with 'The Duke' in 2000, at Siesta Key beach just a few kilometres north.

Between all of us, her immediate family ... Earl 'The Duke', Helen, Ron & Sue and their insignificant others ... me, Churl & Sandal and including Ron & Churl's 'girlspawn' ... Kyla & Trestin we have accounted for several Big Water MAE Deposits over the last couple of years. 

She's been dusted into the treacherous waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward Island.

There the Gulf Stream current would likely, have bobbed her slightly north-easterly until she grabbed the Azores current and was ferried south-westerly into the Brazil current and then eventually to the tip of South America ... we hope good!

She's been sprinkled along the coasts of Florida and Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico, more than a few times.

She probably circulated in the gulf for awhile ... lounging in those turquoise, clear, warm waters before the Caribbean current gently nudged her from the Gulf, just near the Florida Keys. From there she'd be caught by the Gulf Stream current once again and encouraged to swim north towards the east coast of Canada. If her timing was just right ... 

... she mae very well have caught up, or even lapped herself somewhere near the islands of Newfoundland or Prince Edward.

Sue's boyfriend ... Teva (aka. Sandal) accidentally (we've been told) pushed her off the Golden Gate Bridge in California. 

Currents can be tricky to interpret and are not dependable along the west coasts of North and particularly South America. Initially, the California current would have surfed her southerly. If she was fortunate enough to stay tucked close to the western coast in calm eddies she mae have escaped the northerly push of the Peru - Chilean current completely. And, if that was the case she mae have paddled her way as far as the southern tip of Argentina. The Antarctic Circumpolar current would then funnel her easterly past the Cape of Good Hope, where we suspect she would intersect, once again, with the Brazil current moving south, and if she got really, r e a l l y, REALLY lucky ... 

... MAE mae have had the chance to wave to herself as she passed herself.

Crusty  ...


  1. Maybe put a hard copy of "pass herself" with your email address and a little Mae in a bottle. A nice bottle. Find the right place, on an evening tide and cast her adrift. Who knows in a couple of years someone might contact you.


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