28 December 2014

LOAF Unplugged and Leavened

CURRENT LOCATION: Rock Creek RV Resort, Naples, FL, USA

LOAF Unplugged and Leavened 

... separated from himself, made lighter (by about 4000 pounds) and lowered more than 4 feet.

The procedure took about 3 hours. Most of that time was devoted to offloading boats from the camper roof and then reloading them onto the truck's roof. Kayak rollers and saddles had to be removed from the camper roof bars and re-installed on Thule bars and towers that we were carrying inside the truck bed for the road trip. The actual removal of the camper from the truck only takes about 1/2 an hour. Mechanical camper services were lengthened slightly but left connected for the process. 

Naples, Florida will be our basecamp for a month. We've only ever stayed this long at one place twice before ...  once, during a 2 month road trip, at an apartment in Playa Tamarindo, COSTA RICA and once in a condominium in Tierra Verde, Florida. We were here last year, but only briefly for a little longer than a week. We're back, because we enjoyed it and realized we didn't get a chance to do everything this area has to offer ... and the weather is some of the consistently 'nicest' that Florida has to offer at this time of year. 

 Fifth Avenue

We're at Rock Creek RV Resort, an older, family owned and operated, well-established operation. The grounds, sites and all buildings and amenities are very well maintained, the camping rates are reasonable and all the services expected by the RV community are provided ... electric, fresh water, sewer, cable TV, WiFi, a pool, laundry, bath-house, clubhouse.

HELEN does her water exercises

The sites are occupied by a mix of long term residents in park models, RV'ers who spend the winter or at least a few months here and travellers like us who stay for a few days or weeks, or in our case, this year, a month ... and it's also very quiet. From here, we have easy access to numerous kayaking day trips and decent cycling.


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  1. My 1st time to visit your blog. Have fun, looks like a nice place to stay for a month. Enjoy your kayaking & biking. Looking forward to seeing lots of photos. We finally received lots of snow. We skied this morning, then we joined our friends in their hot tub with Tawny Port & dark chocolate. The resort was completely full this Christmas holiday which is really good news for Silver Star.


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