23 April 2014


There's a lot to do in New Mexico if you're interested in outdoor self-propelled activities. Get a Land Management Map - it's the best resource. We only have this one extra day right now but we'll probably swing back after our canoe trip to investigate other areas and places of interest. The landscape, geology, flora and fauna are truly fascinating. At this time of year, the weather is quite pleasant but I imagine, come June until late Summer, the high heat would make some activities difficult and quite oppressive ... Spring and Fall are probably the most favourable times of year to be here.

Kasha-Katuwe is an area well worth doing a half days hike into. We arrived at the trailhead early so the trail was quiet on the way up. On the return, we probably encountered 200 plus hikers, mostly school groups and some families, but few individuals or hiking couples. There is a mostly gentle grade for the first 9/10 th’s of this trail, the final several hundred feet can be steep in places and some scrambling is required. Earlier sections of the trail are through a constricted slot canyon that features unusual rock formations and pleasant walking. The final elevation is at 6760’ ASL, a 630’ vertical elevation gain that affords a panoramic view of the surrounding area and an interesting perspective of the trail just hiked.


One supports another in a tunnel of high wind.

Rock formations that shouldn't be together ... but ARE anyway!

Slot Canyon

Tent Rocks

Near the top

New Mexican Tuckamores?

Interesting 'veining' in the rock formations

Housing has come a very long way ... 

Imagine the Past ... imagine the History!

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