26 April 2014

DESTINATIONS: Four Corners and Hovenweep

A drop down into the San Juan River Valley Canyon and to today's first stop at the Four Corners Tribal Monument ... we're in Utah, Arizona on the left and Colorado, New Mexico on the right.

From here we did some hiking at the Hovenweep National Monument in Utah.

      From Wikipedia
Hovenweep National Monument is located on land in southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah between Cortez, Colorado and Blanding, Utah on the Cajon Mesa of the Great Sage Plain. Shallow tributaries run through the wide and deep canyons into the San Juan River.
Although the Hovenweep National Monument is largely known for the six village groups of the Ancient Pueblo, or Anasazi, people, there is evidence of hunter gatherers from 8,000 to 6,000 B.C. until about AD 200. Then a succession of early puebloan cultures settled in the area and remained until the AD 1300s.  

Near the trailhead.

Twin Towers

The Square Tower and Hovenweep Castle (on right)

This small cave was hollowed out, worn down and obviously used over many decades.

 Boulder House

Hovenweep Castle

Desert Flowers

Free Range Horses


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