11 April 2014

BASECAMP 04.11.14 ... " Pre-trip Southwestern USA "

DESTINATION - Southwestern USA

We left early in March and flew to Cozumel Island, MEXICO for a 2 week SCUBA and snorkelling trip. We returned March 21st and we've been busy ever since with preparations for our next LOAFing Around adventure.

The rig needed some attention after sitting since March 5 following our return from the south eastern USA. The Ford had a front hub and u-joint replaced under warranty and the transmission was reprogrammed (also under warranty) to resolve a harsh shifting problem. Additionally, an oil-filter-lube service, transmission flush and a heavy service inspection. The Lance got a front canoe bar and cab-over struts installed. The struts will dampen the tendency LOAF has of 'porpoising' when driving rough or undulating highways.

Front Canoe Bar

Boat stops at camper corners and a roll down tarp to protect the awning while loading boats.

Lockable, aluminum storage container for boat gear and tie down accessories.

Cabover struts.

Throughout our last trip, we compiled a list of intended upgrades, both inside and outside the camper. I've been busy the last week or so building and installing a number of those storage and trim items and completing some minor modifications.

Helen has been drying, vacuum sealing and packing all the food and supply we will need for a 2 month trip that will also include a canoe trip on Utah's Green River.

We will be joined by the same group of paddlers from our 2012 Thirty Mile & Yukon River trip.

L - R: Karen Tippett & Gerry Irving, Us, Peggy Belanger & Tom O'Kane, Wanda & Al Bowles.  

We all gathered for a paddlers meeting in Barrhaven 2 weeks ago to decide on group gear, logistics, responsibilities etc.

The outpack for the canoe trip is also progressing ... gear repair and sorting, some purchases, ticking off list items. Helen is compiling research on our travel route, areas for hiking and photography and assembling a loose itinerary.

We should be on the road by April 17 - 19 or so.

Crusty ... reporting.


  1. Wow,you have been busy since our trip to Cozumel! Have a wonderful trip, stay safe. Hopefully you have time to stop in on your return trip. A bed is always here for you guys! Look forward to reading of all your Loafing around,miss you two,and again please be safe on your new adventure!

    1. We have Estevan plotted and if possible we will swing by on our return trip. We'd let you know well in advance.


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