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Last Updated: December 29, 2017


Live All Your Passions
Adore Your Other 
Be With Others
Breath Nature, Culture and Thought
Be Kind 
Do What Makes You Happy
Respect All
Share Your Time Preciously
Take A Stand ... Be Truthful
Laugh Joyously
Do  No  Harm

 Leave    That    Trace!

If you have these things, you have all that you need.


Introducing Team LOAFin Around

WHO We Are and WHAT We're About!



Alias: Hellen
Title: La Gran Jefa (Mexican: The Big Boss)
Authority: Supreme

Favourite Saying" I was just gonna ... "
Spirit Animal: Raven
Favourite Colour: Yellow 
Modifications: 3 titanium plates, 16 titanium bolts

Realist with a splash of Idealism

... researcher, planning specialist, communications officer, logistics expert, financial adviser, entertainment coordinator, life navigator, co-pilot, bow paddler, quartermaster, omnivore, chef, barmaid, photographer, fairly successful slots player and ... stopper-and-smeller-of-flowers. 

Photo: Frontenac PP ON CANADA

Travel Goals: I gravitate naturally to sunshine and warm temperatures. I would love to travel more of South America, Europe and Africa, visit Iceland and the Galapagos Islands while continuing to explore all corners of Canada. 

Dream Trips: An African safari, sailing the Northwest Passage or a trip to Antarctica to see the wildlife.

Best Memory: There are so many 'bests' it's difficult to pick ... first time crossing the Arctic Circle, first caribou sighting, first grizzly sighting, watching a bald eagle teach their fledglings to fish. Experiencing different world cultures. Being amazed at the wonders of nature ... rafting with calved glaciers on the Tatshenshini-Alsek Rivers through Yukon, BC and Alaska, swimming through cenotes in Mexico or caving and tubing to visit with glowworms in New Zealand.  

Photo: Te Ananui Caves, Paparoa NP New Zealand


Alias: Dann
Rank: Minion
Title: HayU
Authority: Subordinate 
Description: "The follower or underling of a powerful person, is especially servile or unimportant."

Favourite Quote: " I wish the women would hurry up and take over. " Leonard Cohen
Favourite Saying: " I'm glad you're here! "
Spirit Animal: Wolf
Favourite Colour: Periwinkle
Enhancement: 1 tatoo

An Idealist with just a sprinkling of Realism

... re-organizer, packer, carrier, driver, paddler, hiker, diver, fixer, bottle-washer, maid, blogger, journal-er, foodie, pescetarian, oenophile, cicerone (self-anointed), crate-digger, beast-of-burden and yes-man ma'am! ... bit of a dreamer

Travel Goals: Paddle northern Canada's wild rivers, overland the spectacular roads of the world, dive warm waters with whale sharks and giant sunfish; ... hopefully learn some stuff, make many new friends, absorb culture and enjoy great food and drink along the way.

Dream Trips: Seems like we agree (mostly) then  ... sail CANADA's Northwest Passage and visit ANTARCTICA.

Photo Right / Below: La Cloche-Silhouette Trail, Killarney PP ON CANADA / Itijjaqiaq Trail, Katannilik TP NU CANADA

Best Memory: ' ... it seemed like this was just about you and me '. We were together, we were exhausted; soaked boots and heavy packs, in a snowstorm, hiking along the banks of Baffin Islands Soper River. We never did see them, ' The Wolves ' ... the Arctic whiteout moving through had sheltered and protected them. But, we were mesmerised for much more than minutes of time. A wolf-pack had sung to us, from the opposing river bank ... we'd been serenaded.  I was never afraid, only ever amazed, what about you? ... ' Do you remember? '


Alias: Lance On A Ford
Duties: Getting US To There

Favourite Saying: " Get me off this interstate. "
Favourite Pastime: Boondocking
Mods & Upgrades: Go here

An Adventure Truck Rollin' On 35s

Goals: lose some weight, absorb more solar energy and ... steer clear of long, steep downgrades with sharp curves and gusty side-winds

Photo: Arctic Circle, Dempster Hwy. NT CANADA


Duties: Technical Assistant to Wry

Goals: Improve enunciation


Fast backward about 14 years.
We retired (in 2003 and 2004)bought some land, designed and built a house. We eventually decided the house and property consumed more of our time than we wanted it too, sold that house, disposed of a major amount of our material belongings and then moved temporarily into an apartment. We have since purchased a new home that will be ready to move into, sometime in early 2018. We made major changes to the standard layout, but this time around, we won't be handling any of the general contracting or labour ourselves. This will be a small, low-maintenance home, situated in a community that allows us to travel securely and worry-free for extended periods, possibly as much as a year at a time. 

 " If you travel far enough away, you'll be on your way back home. " Tom Waits

Photo: Tangier, Morocco AFRICA 2017

There is an older version of this page. 
That page, eventually became a compilation of our personal and professional baggagea collection of all that stuff that described us during our informative and career yearsOnce we retired and left the workforcemuch of it no longer appliedWe are now defined simply; by who we are as individuals and what we do, rather than by what we were payed to do. (If you're interested, you can still read the old page here.)

We're a couple of curious Canadians that have been fortunate to explore all regions of our enormous country, have seen most of the rest of North America and visited a few other countries. Our activities are mostly ‘self-propelled’ … we paddle, hike, cycle, SCUBA dive and snorkel. Overlanding with a truck camper gives us vehicle access to further-from-home and less-travelled locations, supports the gear requirements for all of the activities we pursue and provides comfort and convenience wherever we camp. 

We hope you enjoy sharing in our travels and that yours are as rewarding!

Here's a link to a recent adventure. 

" No road is long with good company. " Turkish Proverb

Hellen and Dann ... with LOAF and Crumby



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