Salmon Glacier Road

British Columbia, CANADA, Alaska, USA

From Stewart, BC then across the USA border at nearby Hyder, Alaska. The road travels through AK for a short distance and then crosses back into BC, CANADA. We drove a total of 47 kilometres from Stewart to the foot of an unnamed glacier approximately 12 kms past the Salmon Glacier. This is where we turned back.

This is 'edge of your seat viewing' ... the Salmon and Bear Rivers, Fish Creek, numerous additional alpine streams, endless peak to peak glaciers and ice-fields, panoramic views, near vertical mountain slopes, heavy forest vegetation, blooming wild-flowers, active and abandoned mining sites.

We drove about 15 kms of the road in 1994, but slick conditions and very poor visibility forced us to turn around. We weren't able to take pictures. The fog was thick like soup and I could barely see the hood of the truck. There were few turnarounds then and the road was narrow. I recall completing a multi-point turn at a location of steep, drop off grade to turn our truck camper around for the return trip. Helen was the lookout and made sure I stayed away from the soft shoulders and road edge. 

This fuel trailer sits at the entrance to the Salmon Glacier Road. A reminder to all travellers that even professional drivers can make mistakes.

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