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  1. Hi Helen and Dann,
    I'm a producer with Fathom Film Group in Toronto and we're currently developing a documentary about Workampers for the CBC. I came across your blog and wondering if you happen to do any "work" on your travels? If so, it would be great to chat with you and if not, maybe you could recommend another fun and fabulous workamping couple?
    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!

    Erica Leendertse Smith
    Toronto, Canada
    c: 647.746.6994

    1. Hi Erica ...

      Thanks for your interest.

      Unfortunately we are not involved in workcamping. Even though there are many RVers who do workcamp, we don't personally know any.

      Good luck with your film. Sorry that we couldn't be more help.


  2. Sorry for intruding. I have a question on vehicle choice and time of year for the Trans Labrador Highway.
    We will have a bit over 3 weeks off next end of May/first of June.
    We have completed our own campervan conversion on a Ram Promaster 1500 (front wheel drive).
    We are considering the Trans Labrador clockwise but don't know about end of May for our beginning.
    Is that too early for snow melt/ice ?? We live in east Tennessee and consider Labrador FAR FAR north; thus the concern for left over snow.
    You have an awesome website and blog and I'll be reading your entries about your trip.
    Most sincerely,
    Robert Moore

  3. You certainly aren't intruding ... exchanging information is what our website is about, glad to help.

    You will encounter rough road conditions regardless of what time of year you travel. The Quebec highway (389) that merges with the Trans-Lab may be in extremely poor shape near it's terminus as a result of mining vehicle traffic. A member of our Canadian Truck Campers Owners Facebook Group drove the road this past August in a very capable Toyota Tacoma setup as an overland vehicle and reported on several sections that were heavily rutted, potholes, washboard etc. Paving is ongoing and sections completed are in good shape.

    The chance of seeing either ... snow or melt / freeze conditions or slick mud or, a combination of all those ... is almost a given, at the time of year you are planning on.

    The road could be driven in a car, but chances of suspension damage are high. No reason why a properly outfitted van could not make the drive. Your biggest concern is always tires, make sure yours are in good shape, carry a spare and a recovery kit. Recommend an aggressive tread with a high sidewall protection, Load E 10 ply. Drive gravel slow !

    There is traffic along the road and you will encounter others. Emergency vehicles that support mining and hydro construction are nearby and seem to respond to civilian accidents as well. We had a rider drop a motorcycle ahead of us when we drove the road and a mining paramedic vehicle provided assistance. I'd recommend carrying a few emergency items ... DeLorme InReach, spare fuel, recovery kit.

    Should you make the trip end of May / start of June ?? ... ONLY, if your vehicle is in top shape and well equipped, your suspension is heavy duty and bulletproof and your driving skills are high in all weather conditions.

    Safe Travels!


  4. hello Dann and Helen
    love your site
    we miss you
    lots happening while you're away
    i sent you an email about the end of the summer party happening here Oct 13th. tickets are $42. per we'll pick them up for you we'd like to have you join our table

  5. Hi Linda ...
    Wow all these favours from neighbours, we sure are fortunate to have landed were we did ... hope to repay someday. Glad you like our website. Thanks so much!


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