8 March 2017

Worms, Pancakes & Flowerpots - To Westport and Hokitika

Location: Hokitika, New Zealand

' Glow Worms are one of the rarest & most unique animals on Earth and are only found in New Zealand  & Australia '

TE  WAIPOUNAMU (MAORI  for South Island)

We are going to travel Highway 6 along the west coast for the next few days as far as Haast; we'll do some touristy, sight-seeing stuff along our wayFrom there the highway turns inland. Most of our initial plans involved spending time in and around a couple of the National Parks nearer the south west tip. Depending on how long we spend in that area will determine how quickly we then move northerly to Christchurch. We have to be there by March 22nd, to catch the first of 3 flight segments to Canada

This post starts at the small coastal village of WESTPORT and a short trip to 
visit some quite unique and unusual worms in ... 


CAVING & TUBING: Te Ananui Caves (also called Metro or Nile River Caves)

' What to do on a rainy day? I know!, instead of hiding inside the camper all day, lets get wet underground instead.

So, we booked a 4.5 hour Underworld Rafting adventure with Norwest Underworld Adventures in Charleston. 

We began by travelling about 3 kms through primeval rainforest on the Nile River Rainforest Train. This is an old gold mining train that has been converted for limited tourist service. Trudging through the rainforest, dressed 'neck to toe' in 7 mm neoprene and caving helmuts and carrying our tubes, we hiked 1 km, crossed a swing-bridge and climbed 132 steps to the Triclops Entrance of the Nile River Caves high above the river. Once inside the enormous, unmodified cave system we explored a calcite paradise of stalactites and stalagmites and  worked our way towards an underground lake where we lay back in tubes and admired the spectacular galaxies of Glow Worms that illuminated our voyage.

There are several beetles and some flies that are bioluminescent, but glow worms are only found in New Zealand and Australia.

We tubed out, through an awe-inspiring exit into an amazing lost world and then down the gentle rapids of the Nile River. The cave hike was 2.8 kilometres long and we descended approximately 105 metres underground

SHORT TRAMPS: Punakaiki, Pancake Rocks & Motukiekia Beach

Moving slow now, lots to see and do along todays drive. On our way through Paparoa National Park we did some hikes down to and along the coast.

We got as far as ... HOKITIKA

Todays' Random Photos ... 
... are mostly about the rocks and the Tasman Sea, pancakes, surge pools, flower pots, tide pools, massive pines ... and Alison, if you're reading this ... '  Thanks for the suggestion. The hike at Motukiekia Beach is certainly a nice one and Van Kiwi enjoyed it for lunch!  '


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Crusty & Wry


  1. That looked interesting (caving) and a whole lot of fun (tubing) That was not like the lazy river tubing of Mexico!
    Kids would love to see a"glow worm" maybe that was the inspiration for the "gummy worm" .

  2. Thanks Peggy - it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. The girls (and you guys) would have loved it


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