18 January 2017

The Moorish Castle of Silves

Location: Silves, Portugal
'The Castle of Silves is one of the best preserved of the Moorish fortifications in PORTUGAL.
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Some History
The region of Silves has been inhabited since Palaeolithic Time. The town of Silves was founded during the times of  Roman Domination, probably around the FOURTH century. In the early SEVENTH century, when the Moors invaded Iberia, Silves became part of the Umayyad Emirate of C√≥rdoba

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Narrow, old, cobblestone streets. Patinaed and painted buildings, another castle, another cathedral, some modern sculpture.

The helpful receptionist at the Silves Information Kiosk told us Taberna Almedina was her favourite restaurant in town and that was good advice!  
Patient preparation ... the meal took more than an hour to arrive!

We enjoyed a very nice Portoguese lunch ... local red and white wines; the hearty, fish & rice dish was prepared and presented traditionally in a clay vessel; the meat and vegetable skewers featured foods from the nearby farms; the small plate tapas dishes of anchovies and granulated goat cheese with walnuts and honey were delicious.  
The Castle of Silves 
It's believed that the first fortifications were built by the Romans (or Visigoths). Between the 8th and 12th or 13th centuries, the castle was occupied and expanded by the Moors. It is one of the best preserved of the Moorish fortifications in Portugal and was classified as a National Monument in 1910.

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