24 January 2017

' Nourishment ' - Lagos

Location: Lagos, Portugal

' Journeymakers are the good folk who turn your trips into treasured memories.'
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Pronounced [Laa-gowsh]


If you enjoy fresh fish and seafood ... you won't be dissapointed in what the Algarve Region of Portugal has to offer and the local market in Lagos is certainly no exception. Portugal is a sea-faring nation; it has a well-developed fishing industry and it's certainly reflected in the amount of fish and seafood eaten. This country has Europe's highest fish consumption per capita and is among the top four in the world. Fish is served grilled, boiled (including poached and simmered), fried or deep-fried, stewed (often in clay pot cooking), roasted, or even steamed.


 ' It's all about the food. '
One aspect of travel that we thoroughly appreciate, is sampling the dishes and wines from different places. We've enjoyed the Portuguese cuisine during our stay here and in a couple of 'out of town' restaurants. This was at Restaurante Praia Grande in Ferragudo.

Traditional Portuguese meals are often hearty with a focus on creating the flavour of a dish from the combination of foods rather than adding a lot of spices or herbs. 

A good example would be ... Cozido a Portuguesa, a king of stews! It includes beef, pork, chicken and a variety of pork derivatives such as blood sausages and smoked pork parts. This is a dish for meat lovers.

A couple of Lagos restaurants stood out from the rest ... Restaurante D. Henrique was very good; and our best meals were at Restaurante D. Sebastiao

Featuring small plates like, cod carpaccio with pomegranate

Restaurante Don Sebastio also has an amazing wine cellar. From their website ... ' A main attraction is the spectacular underground wine cellar that cannot be missed by connoisseurs. The amazing treasure trove boasts an extensive collection of wines from all over Portugal along with vintage Port and Madeira wines, plus impressive historic bottles from the owners private collection. The restaurants wine list carries over 240 varieties of red, white, "vinho verde" and rose. '

We were told, this is only a small part of the owners collection. There is another room in the top floor of the restaurant with an equal amount of wine and the owners home contains another quantity of wines larger than these two rooms combined. Featured here, were Ports dating back to the 1700's and wines from Quinta das Carvalhas priced at 1000 Euro a bottle. The most expensive wine served in the restaurant was priced at 600 Euro

Antonio Bentes Frances ... is the resident Wine Advisor for several Intermarches in the region, including the Intermarche in Lagos. 

 We consider him to be a Journeymaker
' Journeymakers  are the people who elevate your travel experience with the passion and enthusiasm for the place they call home and for the interest and kindness they give you, the traveller. '

Friendly, expert advice on the wines of the Algarve and several nearby growing regions in Portugal. Antonio made himself available and was always, attentive and sincerely interested in our tastes and preferences for both food and wine. His recommendations were consistently good and several of the wines he suggested were not only superb but also very reasonably priced. Drop in to see him if you ever find yourself in Lagos; we know you won't be disappointed with his advice.

Quinta dos Vales
Antonio suggested we visit this Wine Estate in nearby Estombar. He tried to arrange a private tour for us but since it was the off season they did not have staff available. He even tried to reschedule his time to meet us on his day off. Most wines from Quinta dos Vales are produced in very small batches. We bought Dos Vales Dialog Secretum 2015 from a 600 bottle offering

There is a pleasant walking path that winds it's way throughout the vineyard. The grounds feature the sculptures of several artists, including those of the vineyards owner, Karl Heinz Stock. There are also dedicated spaces for pre-arranged tastings, meals and outdoor entertainment events and a few suites for rent.

Wry & Crusty ... feeling nourished

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