4 September 2016

Six Days In Whitehorse

What Do Two 'Mature' Women Do Alone In The Yukon For Six Days?

I really wanted to title this post Girls Gone Wild In The Yukon , but I once wrote another post about a girls trip to Las Vegas Three Girlfriends Gone Wild that caused our blog visitor location map to go crazy. Suddenly we had dozens of visits from the middle of the South Pacific (hmm ... perhaps a sailor doing random google searches and finding my post about 3 girlfriends turning 60 - how disappointing it must have been).

Despite plans to do a several week tour of the Yukon, Fate Intervened which resulted in my sister-in-law Peggy & I being 'alone' in the Whitehorse area for six days. Well, what's a woman to do but shop, learn and explore!

The first thing we did was to take a glass blowing course at Lumel Studios in Whitehorse. Jason was a fabulous instructor and helped us each make a glass flower, a paperweight and a wine goblet! It was a fun although HOT day.


Another day saw a tour of the Whitehorse fish ladder, where we were fortunate enough to meet the fish hatchery manager Lawrence Vano. He explained that by the time the salmon arrive at the fishery they are exhausted after spending 3 months without eating to travel the over 3,000 km of the Yukon River. The ladder is 366 meters in length, the longest wooden fish ladder in the world. Here the fish are counted and sorted by sex and whether they are wild or hatchery fish (the Whitehorse fish hatchery release 10,000 fry every year).

A road trip to Haines Junction allowed for some photo ops.

Takhini River and Kusawa Lake

Kathleen Lake

in Kluane National Park

Another day, another direction, another road trip.

Emerald Lake
Robinson Roadhouse Historic Site
Lunch and shopping in Carcross.


Another day and a walk around the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

There is so much to do and see within a couple hour drive of Whitehorse it is definitely worth planning a layover in this beautiful city. Six days and lots to see, these girls didn't go too wild!
                                                                                            ... WRY Reporting


  1. Six days well planned and enjoyable.Great photos Helen maybe not as wild as Vegas though! We acquired a new trade along the way glass blowing ladies!
    We survived and done well without the "lads" !

  2. Hey Peggy - you are right - we did good - so much fun - thanks for sharing with me xxxx


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