11 August 2016

Time With Friends

We left Alaska behind, after two weeks there and settled in at Kluane Lake in Yukon for a few much-needed, layover days. The weather in the State had been mostly favourable for us, but we were tired of the traffic and the busyness there. We were both road weary and planned to mostly just sit and watch views from the St.Elias Mountains unfold along the big lake ... but an opportunity to paddle was just too enticing.  

Lets get those boats offloaded!

We had spent time on Kluane on a few other occasions, but had never seen it this calm, even though the locals said it could be. We couldn't resist ... and besides, someone had a new boat to try out.

Friends from Whitehorse joined us there for part of the time.

Chris & Rick are not only good friends ... we also consider them Journeymakers. 

Over the years, we have dry-camped on their property. We have stayed for several days and used their kitchen to dehydrate food and pack barrels while we completed the final outfitting for canoe trips.

This visit and other times, they have loaned us a vehicle while we completed necessary service and maintenance on the truck and camper, resupplied it with food and took care of other errands and chores before re-embarking on our travels.  

Their friendship has always made our travel around Yukon more enjoyable ... lots of laughs and unsolicited advice. 

They also operate a BnB in Whitehorse;  you'll get the same warm, hospitality we do, I promise.  

Rick  Peggy  Chris  (Our Waitress)  Helen  Dann Tom
A final gathering at Chris & Rick's favourite Whitehorse restaurant, The Wheelhouse

Thanks Again ... for your friendship!

Crusty ...


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