1 October 2015

TRAVEL SNAPSHOT: 325 Days In 2014 / 2015

This year we travelled from ... as far south as the State of Quintana Roo on the Yucutan Peninsula of MEXICO, then north along the south and eastern USA from Florida to New York and finally, northeasterly from Ontario on a circle tour of the Atlantic Provinces in CANADA.

The map below is interactive; you can expand, zoom, pan and click  for additional detail.

Statistics are always interesting, and sometimes fun. The following are a sampling of ours for this particular timeframe. I think they often define a year spent ... well or otherwise. This travel snapshot covers VOLUME XXVII of our Journal. It includes Trips 136 - 138 (see Trip Index) and almost a full year.

November 09, 2014 to September 29, 2015 / 325                                                                                           

1 - Intentional Cliff Jump (Dann 55 feet)

1 - Mexican State Visited (QR)

1 - Schooner Sailing Trip (aboard Bluenose II, Lunenburg Harbour, NS)

1 - Underground River Swam Through (Riviera Gutras, MEX)

2 - Boat Journeys Undertaken (Mary’s Hrbr. > Battle Hrbr. NL, Tour of Western Brook Pond, NL)

2 - Foreign Countries Visited (USA  MEX)

2 - New Camper Parts Installed (fresh water pump, battery disconnect switch)

3 - Adventures Completed (in MEX,USA,CAN)

3 - Time Zones Crossed (EST, AT, NT)

3 - Vinyards Toured (Bear River, Annapolis Highlands & Domaine de Grand Pre, NS)

4 - New Truck Parts Installed (battery, shock absorbers, anti-sway bar, steering control arm)

5 - Canadian Provinces Driven Through (ON QC NL NS NB)

5 - Ferry Crossings Made (Saguaney R. QC, Strait of Belle-Isle NL, Cabot Strait NL/NS, Country Harbour NS, East Ferry > Tiverton NS)

9 - US States Driven Through (NY PA MD WV VA NC SC GA FL)

9.94 -Kilometres Swam (Helen)

10 - Successful Boondock Camps

11 - Travel Companions Enjoyed

18% - Steepest Driving Grade Negotiated (Manic 5, QC)

18h 46m - Hours of Bottom Time SCUBA Diving

19.7 - Litres / 100 kms, Average Fuel Economy Over 55 Fill-Ups

22 - Open Water Dives Made

41 - Kilometres Paddled (canoe, kayak)

57 - Blog Posts Published 

105 - Deepest Open Water Dive In Feet (Columbia Deep, MEX)

131.6 - Kilometres Hiked

192 - Adventure Days Journalled

951.7 - Kilometres Cycled

2000 - Kilometres Flown (est)

4080.2 - Litres of Fuel That LOAF Drank 

17218.1 - Kilometres Driven LOAFing Around

Akumal, QR, MEXICO - Our MOST southerly location Latitude 20.40544 (dd) Longitude 87.30913 (dd)

King’s Highway, QC - We drove the OLDEST highway in Canada

North West River, NL - Explored the MOST northeasterly location that can be driven to in North America @ Latitude 53.52551 (dd) Longitude 60.14296 (dd)

L’Anse aux Meadows, NL - Got a history lesson at the FIRST European settlement in North America

Fortress at Louisburg, NS -  Were entertained and educated at the LARGEST historical recreation in North America

Sanford, NS - Intrigued by the SMALLEST wooden lift bridge in the World

Bay of Fundy, NS/NB - Awestruck by the magnitude of the HIGHEST tides in the World

Woodstock, NB - Saw the LONGEST covered wooden bridge in the World

41st Wedding Anniversary - Celebrated our BEST Moment; in Quebec just south of the Labrador border 
This may be our last post for awhile. We'll be quite busy @BASECAMP throughout the months of October and November ... abuncha stuff to do! We have a wonderful caretaker who watches over our house and property while we are away on these excursions but there are always a number of items to attend to once we return. And, LOAF needs some attention ... survived some challenging road conditions throughout much of this journal period, carried us and nearly 4000 pounds for 17200+ kms, without damage, only minor squeaks and a few scratches, no breakdowns or repairs and we were never stranded. We'll be completing some much needed service and maintenance, a thorough vehicle inspection and also attending to some minor equipment upgrades on both the truck and camper, a thorough cleaning inside and out and then winterizing before storing for about 6 months. We've located a nearby facility that provides indoor, heated, monitored storage at a reasonable rate. We are presently planning another multi-month trip for 2016 and we want to leave home by early June. Because we are aiming for an early Spring departure, it will mean finishing as much of the work on the rig this Fall, as possible, before the Winter sets in. 

If our travels continue to interest you and you're still following along, watch this website's PLANNED ADVENTURES for our updated travel plans. 

Thanks for everyone's interest and comments. See you soon!

            Our FIRST Dualie (Crusty got snuck up on & snapped  at!) ... we're out on some Brook, somewhere on the Island of Newfoundland, somewhere in CANADA.

Wry & Crusty ...  Travel Safe!

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