10 November 2015

BASECAMP 10.11.15 ... " Last Camp and a Big Sleep "

We've been spending a lot of time over the past few weeks, putting 'our property' to bed for this coming winter, brrr! Another work day's over. It's happiness hour and I've just made friends with a pleasant Pinot Gris in a stemless tumbler. I'm relaxing in front of a warm wood fire and I'm composting ... err, I'm composing this post (now that was confusing!)


Just happened to glance up ... our windowed sky is gray and overcast, I heard thunder-boomers, I see rain, now there's a mild wind. Leaves of brown, rust, orange and yellow flutter and swirl. A swift weather change, with sheets of rain and white-caps on the lake ... now leaves scurry by. Was that a snowlake?

Autumn is on the way out and winter is sneaking in. The forecast is for snow this coming weekend, yikes

Sorry, wrong picture and forecast (but I felt your GASP). I should have said the forecast is for snow flurries this coming weekend ... here's a better picture. This one looks southerly to a view of the wetland end of our lake. The leaves are all down now and there's a frosty chill in the air.

We recently completed a scheduled truck service and some minor maintenance and repair on the camper. Sometime in the first half of November, LOAF will be moved into hibernation for about 5 months. He'll be resting comfortably with friends ... in a large, indoor, heated facility in Gananoque with 24 hour surveillance and a couple of mechanics on staff. 

Last Camp
But, before that happens ... we have a short diversion planned, one last hooorah! 

Not every adventure needs to be lengthy or to an exotic location ... and sometimes, they can be just down the highway from home. Helen's cousin Mark and his wife Darlene have invited us for an 'end of season overnighter' at their Iroquois Trails Campground site in Frankford. They're located just across from the Trent River. 

This isn't the best picture that I have of Mark and Darlene. Mark doesn't actually have any hair, his right hand is not that large and he does have a left hand; it's just in his pocket at the moment but I'm not sure why? Darlene's wine glass is never that empty and she does have wrists; she's wearing one of Mark's shirts and her arms are too short, so it only looks like she's missing a wrist. They do like to dress alike; cute eh?

The 'white mans' bonfire just kept getting bigger. The 'spider hairs' stood up on the back of my neck and I began to shudder uncontrollably. Was I experiencing a lucid nightmare?? I envisioned a recent Christmas in Naples, Florida when LOAF nearly got toasted the first time. That's much more than a nervous smile. 

GAN 401 Storage
We were able to complete a thorough cleaning, waxing, polishing and detailing ... of the interior and exterior ... for both the truck and camper. Gassed up and 15 ounces of fuel stabalizer added to the tank. The roads were dry and the weather was clear but cool the day we drove to the storage facility. Mike greeted us and directed us into our parking bay. The truck battery's negative post was pulled, camper solar batteries were disconnected, camper cabinets, toilet and the refrigerator doors were opened for ventilation and steel wool was shoved into the truck's tail-pipe. We'll pick LOAF up sometime in mid-April.

LOAF ... Night!


  1. You got me with wrong picture and forecast there! Your last camp for 2015 looks like a whole lotta fun, and I agree, no need for trips to be some place far away for it to be exciting. I hope you enjoy more camps this 2016 after LOAF hibernates!

  2. Good Morning Lisa - thanks for the comment ... yes, not a bad last camp but there will be better ones in 2016 when we get back to LOAFin Around. Enjoy.


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