10 July 2010

KAYAKING: Cabonga Reservoir, La Verendyre PP, PQ, CANADA

Double Blades

Private Vehicles: From our homes > Le Domaine, La Verendyre and return.
Put-In: Cabonga 5
Tandem Kayak: Cabonga 5 > Site 25-228 > (3) nights @ Site 25-208 > (2) nights @ Site 25-232 > Cabonga 5
Distance94.85 kms (gps)
Portages: (2) 0.13 kms (gps)
Take-Out: Cabonga 5

Excerpt from KANOE TRIPPERS Adventure Journal: 

The Cabonga Reservoir is a man-made lake in central Quebec, fully within the La Verendyre Wildlife Reserve. It's name is derived from the Algonquin 'kakibonga' and means, 'completely blocked by sand'.

Before its' impoundment, Lake Cabonga was considered the largest body of water between the Gatineau and Ottawa Rivers. In 1928 - 1929, a dam at the outlet of the lake, the Gens de Terre River, was constructed to create a reserve for logging companies to float their logs downstream. Some 37 natural lakes were thus combined and formed a single reservoir with an area of 404 square kilometres, 4500 kilometres of shoreline and dotted with innumerable islands and shallow bays.

Cabonga Reservoir Photography

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