29 July 2010

Canoeing in Algonquin PP, ON, CANADA: Rock/Louisa Lks. Loop

Old Friends on an Old Route

Private Vehicles: Tims Lake & Ottawa > Algonquin PP and return
Put-In: Rock Lake
Tandem Canoe: Rock Lk > Pen Lk > Clydegale Lk > Pen Lk > Galipo R > Welcome Lk >
                            Harry Lk > Rence Lk > Frank Lk > Florence Lk > Louisa Lk > Rock Lk
Distance45 kms
Portages: (8) 16.7 kms
Take-Out: Rock Lake

Excerpt from KANOE TRIPPERS Adventure Journal:

'It isn't often that we get an opportunity to relive our life experiences from a previous time and place. This canoe trip gave me that chance. '

Peter Croal and I worked together as Canoe Rangers for the Ontario MNR in the early 1970's. We lost touch with other for a period of time when family responsibilities and employment opportunities sent us down different paths. We reconnected several years ago and we've stayed in touch since, through emails and dinners at each others homes. 

It's 36 years later now and we've embarked on a one week canoe trip to rekindle an old friendship and to resurrect the memories we each have from those seasons spent working and paddling together in Algonquin PP.

Algonquin PP 2010 Photography

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