17 November 2014

Travelling With Raisins

Our travel companions have provided us with yet another FIRST for this adventure.  

This is the first time we've traveled with Raisins.  For those of you not familiar with the word, it's used here, as a term of endearment referring to people of an, um, ... 'certain age'. Now, okay! - before everyone gets 'politically correct' on me and moves me to their do-not-call (text, Facebook) lists, I did not come up with the term.  My beloved father and his lovely new bride refer to themselves as The Raisins, because, apparently they're under the impression younger people refer to them as such.  First time I've heard it, but what the heck, it is rather catchy and looks cute on them.

So, introducing The Raisins - Muriel & Earl 'The Duke' Brooks (aka MuriEarl).

I guess they have reached that certain age - not exactly sure when you become a Raisin, but I guess I haven't reached it yet.  Does that mean that Dann and I are still Grapes?  That would certainly be appropriate, since grapes are our favorite fruit - especially in 'liquid' form.

RULES when Travelling with Raisins

Raisins will ALWAYS get the best hotel room.  

Doesn't matter if you pre-book, pre-pay, use reward points or are a platinum member of the hotel chain loyalty club in good standing - it DOES NOT MATTER ... Raisins will ALWAYS get the best rooms.

Raisins are friggin' CHEAP!  

Case in point, these two particular Raisins are on their honeymoon. Even though they were married in March, they only managed a single, whirlwind romantic night in Kingston at the time.  So this is their '1st vacation/real honeymoon'.  We spent some time in beautiful Savannah, Georgia with them.  Walked around the city and at one point decided to stop for a drink.  You could tell Muriel really wanted a glass of wine since she wasn't driving, but Dad (half-raisin) decided they would 'share' a beer.  Woo Hoo - honeymoon celebrations - big time!

Raisins can EAT ... a lot and continuously!  

Never offer to 'pick up the bill'! For two skinny Raisins, I am astonished at what they can consume!  En route to Savannah, we once met up at the end of the day for dinner (after checking into the same hotel, where, of course, they scored the best room).  Dann & I had what we would call a large lunch (a bowl of soup and a side salad) so we opted for the salad bar (1 trip). The Raisins ordered Surf & Turf (sirloin & lobster tails).  Of course they first had the salad bar, but only one trip.  We later learned that when they had stopped for lunch, they each had a Caesar Salad with chicken and a bowl of linguine with shrimp.  Asked if they finished it ... ' well no, we left a few small pieces of chicken'.  BTW - they finished the Surf & Turf.  

Here the Raisins await their 'next feeding' ... notice the anxious grins, the tight lips, the anticipation!

Raisins will tell you, they DON'T have a sweet tooth!  

Yea, right.  After our lovely lunch (pictured above) we had a discussion on what exactly a praline is (butter, cream, sugar and pecans).  Coincidentally, across the street was a 'praline shop', so of course they had to stop. After oohing, awing, tasting and discussing ... they walked away with 1.5 pounds (yep - pounds) of pralines!  Buy one pound, get a half pound free - how can you possibly turn that down.  

Love this picture - Dad (Half-a-Raisin) is licking his lips (and perhaps doing a tummy rub) while Muriel (The other Half-a-Raisin) is speechless and bites her lip ... pain calms you down. 

Raisins have a sense of humour and are willing to experience everything.   

They laugh, love and savour each moment.  Although I think these particular Raisins had best be careful with their eating habits or they will soon become 'Prunes'.

Epilog - The Raisins have rented a beachfront condo in Maderia Beach and are spending their time holding hands and walking  ... with plans to transform themselves into ...

Sun Kissed Raisins

UPDATE: Lunch, November 18

All I can say is 'Can you believe it'.  Proves the point that Raisins can eat.  Muriel (aka the Other-Half-Raisin) stated that she could finish everything on her plate, but was saving the shrimp to add to tonight's salad.  Of course, that is after her 3 p.m. snack!  Great lunch at Billy's.

Whitefish, scallops, shrimp, wedge potatoes - plus fresh bread and coleslaw!

Our lunchtime view - Roseate Spoonbill

Wry reporting (Crusty is just too askeered to do anything beyond minor editing)  .....


  1. Love it! Great writing! Thanks for the update!

  2. This is really good you guys, and I really do love that last picture. (Nancy S)

  3. Thanks Colleen and Nancy, hope the Raisins appreciate it LOL


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