22 November 2014

This Sure Beats The Snow

Well, Florida is busy BUT it's warm and offers an endless array of outdoor activities - in November!  

We've decided that this life is 'pretty good', living in LOAF - 5 minutes of house cleaning, cozy, music, DVDs, good food, good wine, everything we absolutely need. 

This is day 7 in Fort DeSoto - a Pinellas County park.  1136 acres with 5 connected islands, kilometers of kayak trails,  more kilometers of bike paths, beautiful beaches, lots of wildlife.  We can bike, walk, kayak, fish, watch the wildlife ....beachfront site - what more can we ask for.  We are hoping to be able to enjoy this through the Thanksgiving weekend, but that will depend on the 10% lottery - they release 10% of sites on Wednesday to 'walk ups'.  It worked for us this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed.  Lovely day today.  Hope yours was as good.

Tri-Colored Heron

Didn't catch a darned thing, but who cares! ... that's fishin!

Kite Surfing - Looks Like Fun!  Maybe next year ....

Happy Hour at Billy's in Tierra Verde - Clam Chowder and vino for  $2.50USD a glass!

Buenas Naches!  Wry reporting ....

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  1. Nature at your fingertips to enjoy can't get any better isn't it? The only thing you gone have to stop rubbing it in!
    Today in a city called Ottawa we are experiencing a high of 17C a day of reprieve all is green again for a short moment! to feel and see.....
    We had friends from Toronto this week end visiting had a great time with them listening to music videaos on the big screen they introduce us to JJ Grey and The little big Band truly enjoy their music I bet you know of them do you?
    Did you get your Playa condo and if yes which one?


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