17 January 2005


Guides: Kat & Nate
Van Shuttle: With Crystal Seas from Costa Coral Resort, Playa Tambor > ORGANOS R., Playa Organos & return
Single & Double Kayak(s): Up the Organos for several kilometres and return - C1+ (surf landings)

View 2005 Organos River, COSTA RICA in a larger map

This trip was not planned. Helen and I had booked a 3 night guided trip to circumnavigate Isla Tortuga. Helen slipped on the pool deck at the Costa Coral Resort where we were staying and broke her kneecap. I did a day-trip to this nearby local river. 

Excerpt from KANOE TRIPPERS Adventure Journal:

We're not sure what may develop with Helen's knee, so we have decided that I will do day trips with Crystal Seas and she will recuperate at the resort. The north winds are fierce along this coast right now ... major breakers, huge swells, whipped spray. The local fisherman aren't going out, so we will stay away from big water paddling today and head to a nearby local river for some inland paddling in a mangrove area. Even though we arrived at the put-in quite early, the winds had already begun to churn the waves into considerable surf at the mouth of the estuary. Later we would roll both kayaks at the end of a landing, almost nailed it ... "

Organos Photography
Crusty ...

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