10 January 2005

COSTA RICA: The Pacific Coast

We travelled the Pacific Coast from PANAMA north to NICARAGUA. We stayed at several different locations and had a few different travelling companions a couple of times throughout the trip. We were in 4 of the 7 provinces: Alajuela, Guanacaste, Puntarenas and San Jose. The weather was terrific . In general, we had sunny, hot, clear conditions for 51 days straight.

There isn't as much cultural diversity as in Panama and Cuba. The major cities of San Jose and Liberia aren't all that interesting ... architecturally, culturally or socially. There is no active indigenous Indian population left in CR. Most Indian artwork is imported from Panama. Local artisans create beautiful hand-painted ceramic tiles and pieces in exotic woods. Sunsets are always breath-taking. Driving can be an adventure - some dirt roads are extremely poor, mountain driving skills are a necessity. There are too many dogs and ATV's in this country. The indigenous breed of Spanish descended horses is beautiful.

Activities: sea-kayaking, hiking, cultural, snorkelling, catamaran sailing, swimming
Vehicle: Toyota Terios (rental)
Average Fuel Cost: 370 colonnes / litre (a bit more than $1 CDN)
Days: 51
Dates: January 10 - March 1
Activities: Cultural, Hiking, Photography
Distance: 3083 kms

COSTA RICA Photography

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