1 June 2002

Canoeing the Petawawa River, Algonquin PP, ON: Lake Travers > McManus Lake

Location: Lake Travers, Algonquin Park, ON
Another River Trip


Paddlers: Wanda & Al, Karen & Gerry, Heather & Fred, Rick & Me
Water Level: HIGH
Guide; 'Petawawa River Whitewater Guide' George Drought
Tandem Canoe: Lake Travers > McManus Lake - CII+ / CIII, 3 days, 50 kms
Rapids Run: Big & Little Thompson (CIII), Grillade (CI), Above the Chute (CII), Natch (CIII+), Schooner (CII), Five Mile (CII)
Portage: around Crooked Chute CIV
Skill Level: Intermediate - river,lake and wilderness travel, some rocky steep portages
Wildlife: Moose, Red Fox, Eastern Algonquin Wolf, many Raptors
Photography: Scanned Analog

The origin of the name Petawawa is lost in antiquity, but legend has it that it's an Algonquin Indian word pronounced 'Petwewe' which translates roughly to ' where one hears a sound like this' referring to the roar of the white-water rapids of the river.

PETAWAWA 2002 Photography

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