25 May 2002

Outlast Adventure Race

Location: Richmond, ON , Canada
Dann's First (and only) Adventure Race

Team: Chris Kurlicki, Bruce Schom, Me

Oldest Competitor This Race: Me @ 50
Support Crew: Helen, Mae, Earl
Disciplines: 5 km orienteering, treking, running, 16 km mountain biking, 10 km paddling
Total Distance : 31 kms
Time: 5h 35m
Result: 6th place out of 23 teams, 4th in 3-man category
Photography: Scanned analog

We just wanted to complete this race, so we were pleased to place as well as we did.

The weather was perfect - clear, sunny, not too hot. The trekking section was through marshy ground, included a dam section, some higher sections and abandoned farms. The overall route was very wet in places. In particular, the mountain biking section had many very low sections - some areas we carried the bikes through nearly waist high water. Very little grade throughout the bike section, but some of the trail surface was covered with sharp, 4 inch rip-rap stone and other sections were heavily rutted by ATV and 4x4 traffic. The paddle along the Jock River was predominantly flat-water but did include a half dozen or so swifts and one CI rapid, a number of gravely spots where we had to drag the canoe, a couple of lift-overs, meandering wetland sections and some stinky low spots enhanced by rotting (over wintered) carcasses of nearby dead animals. 

There were no injuries during this race. Our gear held up fairly well, although near the end of the biking, both Chris's and my bikes were struggling with gear and chain issues.

All in all ... we had fun!

Outlast Adventure Race Photography

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